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About Access Keys

This WordPress-powered website uses access keys to allow users with screen readers the ability to navigate the website with ease. Access keys allow you to jump between pages efficiently while browsing a website by pressing a modifier key along with a specified access key. The archive you were browsing has this functionality enabled for its users.

Using Access Keys

You can use any of the access keys below to jump to the specified pages on this WordPress-powered website:

  • h: Go To Homepage
  • s: Go To Search Page
  • t: Jump To Top of Page
  • k: Skip to Main Content
  • t: Twitter
  • f: Facebook
  • c: Contact
  • a: About
  • m: Site Map

Modifier Keys

Each web browser uses slightly different modifier keys, but if you can memorize the specific key for your web browser then you can navigate between pages efficiently. Below is a list of the modifier keys for most of the modern web browsers in use to date.

Web Browser Modifier Keys

  • Internet Explorer for Windows: Use the Alt + access key to focus on the link, then use the enter key to activate the link.
  • Firefox for Windows, Mac, or Linux: Use the control key + the access key.
  • Google Chrome for Windows: Use the Alt key + the access key.
  • Safari 4.0 for Windows: Use the Alt key + the access key.
  • Safari 4.0 for Mac: Use the control + option + access key.
  • Opera for Windows and Mac: Use shift + escape key.
  • Konqueror for Linux: Press and release the Control key, then press the access key.
  • Amaya: Use control or alt + the access key.
  • Blazer: Link is activated immediately upon pressing the appropriate access key.

If you unable to access the information on this website or require special accommodations, please contact [email protected] via email or call (808) 620-9512.