Ho‘olehua Water System Improvements Project

Hoolehua Water System Improvements Project



DHHL broke ground on a $35+ million capital improvement project to upgrade the 80-year-old Ho‘olehua Water System on Moloka‘i in November 2020.

The project, funded in part by a $19 million allocation from the United States Department of Agriculture, is planned to be built in two phases spanning seven construction sites. Enhancements to the system include the installation of a 200,000-gallon storage tank, upgrades to automation systems, a new warehouse, and a new emergency generator diesel fuel tank. Other improvements involve new paved roads and fencing, along with the repair and replacement of existing tanks, pumps, transmission mains, laterals, valves, and hydrants.

The Ho‘olehua Water System serves over 2,400 customers, including approximately 500 homesteads in Ho‘olehua-Pala‘au, Kalama‘ula, and Mo‘omomi. Water from this system also provides service to the post office, schools, and the airport.


Project Area Map: