Every year, DHHL prepares and submits legislative proposals for inclusion in the Governor’s Administrative Package for the next session of the Hawaii State Legislature.

Legislative Timeline

  • July 2021 – DHHL solicits legislative proposals
  • August 9, 2021 – Deadline to submit legislative proposals to DHHL.
  • September 2021 – DHHL brings proposals to the Hawaiian Homes Commission for approval.
  • September 2021 – HHC approves 10 proposals to move forward

Draft Legislative Proposals

Legislative Proposal Description Progress
Proposal HHL-01(22)

Independent Counsel


This proposal allows the Department to retain independent legal counsel to be paid by the State and use the services of the attorney general as needed when the interests of the State and the department are aligned. SB2605, SB2607
Proposal HHL-02(22)

Water Resource Management


This proposal adds the Chair of the Hawaiian Homes Commission or the Chair’s designee to the Commission on Water Resource Management. SB872
Proposal HHL-03(22)

Tax Exemption


This proposal exempts any homestead development for the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands from general excise taxes. HB2133, SB3101
Proposal HHL-04(22)



This proposal establishes a low-interest loan program to offer financial assistance for lessees on Hawaiian Home Lands with cesspools to be upgraded or converted to septic systems or aerobic treatment unit systems, or connected to existing sewer systems or any other wastewater treatment systems approved by the Department of Health. HB2195, HB2088, SB3056
Proposal HHL-07(22)



This proposal requires the Counties to maintain infrastructure on Hawaiian Home Lands that were built to County standards. SB879, HB2134
Proposal HHL-08(22)

Historic Preservation Reviews


This proposal allows the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to assume review of the effect of any proposed project on historic properties or burial sites for lands under its jurisdiction. HB2135, SB3103
Proposal HHL-09(22)



This proposal authorizes the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to commission a study on the feasibility and revenue to be generated by limited casino gaming and address the public health concerns. HB1962, SB2608
Proposal HHL-10(22)

Interim Rules


This proposal creates a new section of the HRS that allows DHHL, after consultation with beneficiaries and organizations representing beneficiaries, to issue interim rules which shall be exempt from the public notice, public hearing, and gubernatorial approval requirements of Chapter 91 as long as the interim rules shall be effective for not more than eighteen months. HB2136, SB3104
Proposal HHL-11(22)

Compliance and Enforcement


This proposal establishes a compliance and enforcement program within the Department to investigate complaints, conduct investigations, and cooperate with enforcement authorities to ensure compliance with the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, as amended and rules adopted thereunder as well as all other state laws and rules, and county ordinances on Hawaiian Home Lands. HB2171, SB3139
Proposal HHL-12(22)



This proposal allows an adopted individual to benefit both by relationship through a natural parent and through an adoptive parent in a disposition or other designation provided for in accordance with the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, as amended or administrative rules while also allowing the adopted individual and individual’s natural family to continue to have the same familial relationship.  HB2137, SB3105
State Budget   HB1600
$600 Million Appropriates funds for DHHL to enable beneficiaries of the Hawaiian Home Lands trust to fulfill its fiduciary duties to beneficiaries.


At the request of the Hawai’i State legislature, DHHL is conducting an informal survey to obtain information on beneficiary interests for the use of a proposed $600 million legislation.

Please CLICK HERE to complete the survey.

We hope to provide this feedback to the Legislature by the close of business on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

HB2511, SB3359