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Hawaiʻi Tribune Herald (June 21) – Leases awarded for Hawaiian homestead on Maui

The Garden Island (June 19) – Leases awarded for Hawaiian homestead on Maui

Honolulu Civil Beat (June 19) – Whatʻs Next For Hawaiian Homelands? New DHHL Chief Shakes Up Strategy

Hawaiʻi Public Radio (June 18) – Over 50 Native Hawaiian families are granted homestead lots on Maui

HPR (June 18) – PUC rules on Sandwich Isles Communications after abrupt Hawaiian Home Lands service cutoff

Big Island Video News (June 18) – Albert Hee Questioned During Hawaiʻi PUC Hearing On Sandwich Isles Communications

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (June 17) – Leases awarded for Hawaiian homestead on Maui

Civil Beat (June 17) – Sandwich Isles Communications Broke The Law When It Cut Services To Hawaiian Homelands – Honolulu Civil Beat

Maui Now (June 16) – DHHL awards 52 turnkey homes at Puʻuhona in Waikapū, Maui

KHON2 News (June 16) – ʻFantastic step forward,ʻ DHHL awards 52 turnkey homes to Puʻuhona Homestead

Hawaiʻi News Now (June 16) – 52 ʻturn-keyʻ Maui homes awarded to Native Hawaiian residents on DHHL waitlist

Civil Beat (June 16) – Sandwich Isles Cut Services To Hawaiian Homelands Despite Orders Not To

KITV4 Island News (June 14) – Emotional testimony given on Kauai DHHL housing project that could see hundreds evicted

KHON2 News (June 13) – 52 turnkey homes unveiled in Mauiʻs Puuhona Lot Selection event

KITV4 Island News (June 14) – Kauai residents voice concerns over proposed housing project

Hawaiʻi Public Radio (June 13) – Progress on housing Hawaiians? DHHL Director Kali Watson has some answers

The Molokai Dispatch (June 13) – Telecom Provider Stops Service

Civil Beat (June 12) – DHHL Is Finding Itʻs Not So Easy To Just Buy An Apartment Building For Families On The Homelands Waitlist

Hawaiʻi News Now (June 12) – Morning Beat: DHHL hopes to purchase Kauai apartment complex for families on homelands waitlist

Hawaiʻi Business Magazine (June 12) – Native Hawaiians Donʻt Own Many Local Hotels. Hereʻs Why That May Change.

West Hawaiʻi Today (June 11) – ʻKuleana homesteadsʻ proposed: DHHL plan would develop more than 1,300 acres at Kingʻs Landing

Big Island Video News (June 11) – Kingʻs Landing Settlement Plan Draft EA Published

Hawaiʻi Tribune Herald (June 9) – Future of Prince Kuhio Plaza still in limbo

KITV4 Island News (June 7) – Plans moving forward for new race track in west Oahu

Island Life Live (June 6) – Island Life Live: DHHL Chair Kali Watson

The Garden Island (June 6) – Honolulu and DHHL unveil plan for Kailua land

MSN (June 5) – Historic land transfer: City gives 10 acres for Hawaiian homes

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (June 5) – Honolulu City Council, DHHL unveil plan for Kailua housing

USA Today (June 5) – Aloha State governor keeps 1500 Native Hawaiians connected to phone, internet

Honolulu Star Advertiser (June 5): Hawaiian Telcom vows to serve Hawaiian home lands amid disruption  (PDF)

Hawaii News Now (June 5)- Hotlines launched to assist Hawaiian Homesteaders switch phone, internet providers (6/5)

Hawaii News Now (June 5)- Sandwich Isles Says Running Out of Money 

Hawaiʻi Public Radio (June 5) – Resolution introduced to create 1st Hawaiian homestead community in Kailua

KHON2 News (June 5) – Plans in the works for 2 West Oahu racetracks

Civil Beat (June 4) – Hawaiian Home Lands Broadband Customers Say The Service Has Benn Bad For Years

Hawaii News Now (June 4 ) – AT&T WIFI Hotspots Given to DHHL Lessees 

KITV( June 4)- AT&T WiFi Hotspots for Lessees 

Hawaiʻi News Now (June 4) – City Council unveils ʻbeautifulʻ plan to transfer 10-acre parcel for Native Hawaiian homes

Civil Beat (June 4) – Honolulu City Council Proposes Kailua Land Sale For Hawaiian Homelands

Civil Beat (June 4) – DHHL Has Big Plans For More Homes. But It Needs A Lot More Money

Hawaiʻi News Now (June 4) – DHHL to distribute Wi-Fi hotspots to some customers who lost broadband service

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (June 4) – Telecom service canʻt last, Sandwich Isles founder says

Hawaiʻi Public Radio (June 3) – Hawaiʻi Supreme Court rules state broke law taking control of Mauna Kea Access Road

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (June 3) – City land donation proposed for Kailua Hawaiian homesteads project

Big Island Now (June 3) – AT&T to distribute Wi-Fi hotspots to eligible lessees on Hawaiian Home Lands in Waimea

Big Island Video News (June 3) – DHHL To Bring Wi-Fi Hotspots To Pu’ukapu Pastoral Leases

Broadband Breakfast (June 2) – Hawaii Governor, PUC Block ISP Sandwich Isles from Shutting Down

Big Island Now (June 1) – Private telecommunications service to Department of Hawaiian Homelands ends June 1

Maui Now (June 1) – Gov. Green signs Emergency Proclamation to avoid loss of telecommunications on Hawaiian Home Lands

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (June 1) – State acts to prevent telecom service cutoff on Hawaiian home lands



Hawai’i News Now (May 31) – PUC orders halt to phone, internet service disconnections for 1,500 Hawaiian Home Lands households

KHON2 News (May 31) – 1.5K Hawaiian Home Lands residents disconnected by Sandwich Isles Communications

Big Island Video News (May 31) – 1,500 Hawaiian Homes Could Lose Phone, Internet on Saturday

The Wildlife Society (May 28) – Controlling Invasive Deer on Hawaiian Home Lands

Hawaiʻi Public Radio (May 27) – DHHL warns residents of sudden loss of phone and internet service

Broadband Breakfast (May 27) – Hawaii Tells Sandwich Isles Customers to Find a New ISP Soon

Civil Beat (May 24) – DHHL Tells Beneficiaries To Ditch Sandwich Isles Communications Service

Kauaʻi Now (May 24) – Department of Hawaiian Homelands lessees face telecommunication disruption

Big Island Now (May 24) – Department of Hawaiian Homelands lessees face telecommunication disruption

Maui Now (May 24) – DHHL urges customers of Sandwich Isles Communications to immediately switch phone and internet service providers

KITV4 Island News (May 24) – Thousands of Hawaiian homesteaders expected to soon lose phone and Internet services

MidWeek (May 22) – Building For The Future

KITV4 Island News (May 21) – Nearly 300 residents at an apartment complex in Kapaʻa are now facing eviction

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (May 20) – Kauai apartment residents challenge DHHL as eviction looms

Flux (May) –  A People Deserted



Honolulu Star-Advertiser (April 5) – 5 Questions: Kali Watson, of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

Hawaiʻi News Now (April 3) – Potential heirs of DHHL beneficiaries still learning they could get share of landmark settlement

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (April 2) – Editorial: Rent-to-own plan equitable, shrewd

Hawaiʻi Tribune Herald (April 1) – Maunakea fence to protect wildlife from cats



Honolulu Star-Advertiser (March 31) – Big rent-to-own housing push by Home Lands agency praised, pilloried

KHON2 News (March 29) – Installation of cat-proof fence will protect nesting ʻuaʻu in Mauna Kea

Hawaiʻi News Now (March 29) – Fence erected to protect bird thought to have disappeared from Mauna Kea in 1950s

Big Island Now (March 29) – Cat-proof fence enclosure installed on Mauna Kea to protect nesting area of native seabird

KITV4 Island News (March 29) – Cat-proof fence built on Mauna Kea to protect endangered seabird

Big Island Video News (March 26) – DHHL Offers Beneficiaries Down Payment Assistance Program

KHON 2 News (March 25) – New program to benefit Hawaiian homestead waitlisters

KITV4 Island News (March 28) – DHHLʻs Native Hawaiian housing project in Central Maui gains momentum

Big Island Video News (March 26) – DHHL Offers Beneficiaries Down Payment Assistance Program

KHON2 News (March 25) – New program to benefit Hawaiian homestead waitlisters

Maui Now (March 15) – DHHL, CNHA launch relief program to support Native Hawaiian families impacted by Maui, Big Island fires

Big Island Video News (March 12) – New Hawaiian Homes Projects Planned on Big Island



Hawaiʻi Public Radio (February 26) – DHHL changes $600M spending plan to prioritize acquired land development

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (February 25) – Editorial: DHHL’s ‘paper lease’ plan worth a 2nd look

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (February 18) – New promises on horizon for future Hawaiian homestead leases

KITV4 Island News (February 20) – Kupuna testify against purchase of Kauai apartments for DHHL beneficiaries



Hawaiʻi Public Radio (January 31) – Lawmakers advance bill that offers Hawaiian homestead beneficiaries case instead of a lease

KITV4 Island News (January 31) – Proposed condo aquisition on Kauaʻi stirs controversy

Civil Beat (January 30) – Hawaiian Homelands Chair Embarks on ʻAggressiveʻ Agenda At Legislature

Hawaiʻi News Now (January 29) – Hawaiian Homelands developments face frustrating new delays

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (January 24) – DHHL ramps up homestead development

Maui Now (January 23) – Axis deer control hunt program launches on Hawaiian Home Lands in Waiohuli, Maui

Hawaiʻi Public Radio (January 19) – Here are the key Native Hawaiian issues facing lawmakers this legislative session



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