Molokai Land Use Requests: Malama Park and Ualapue

Molokai Land Use Requests: Malama Park and Ualapue

Background Information: The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) received 2 unsolicited requests for the long-term use of DHHL lands on Molokai for Malama Park and Ualapue. More information on the requests are as follows:


Malama Park 

Hui Ho`okahua Molokai submitted a land use request to DHHL to manage and steward DHHL’s portion of Malama Park. Hui Ho`okahua Molokai is a newly formed 501(3) organization comprised of six (6) Molokai DHHL Homestead Associations (Ho`olehua, Kapa`akea, and Kamiloloa-One `Ali`i, Kalama`ula and Na`iwa, and Molokai Homestead Waitlisters of Ahonui. Hui Ho`okahua’s overall goal and objective is to maintain Malama Park to serve as a special place for the community and across generations. The group would like to establish a restoration and recovery program for coastal plant communities, create an outdoor wetland learning center, and be able to protect, restore, and maintain habitat for native plants and animals, and implement a vegetated berm enhancement along the edge of the shoreline. Hui Ho`okahua Molokai would also like to begin an invasive species removal and control program that will provide opportunities for place-based educational programs.

For more information on Malama Park, please DHHL’s Malama Park Special Area Management Plan:


Ahonui’s mission is to restore and rehabilitate native Hawaiian beneficiaries and / or indigenous descendants to their land. Its vision is to seek restoration for native Hawaiian beneficiaries to their alnd and to prevent homelessnees and hardship due to the high cost of rent, to restore, build and strengthen skills to our (native Hawaiian) beneficiaries in budgeting, fishing, farming, repairing, maintenance, trading or bartering, gathering rights, accountability and responsibility as stewards of the land from Mauka to Makai. To increase self-determination through self-governance to beneficiaries participating in discussions on issues, concerns, and solutions.

Ahonui would like to restore the land in Ualapue and surrounding areas prior to any development that may occur with settlement. The Manae community has a strong connection to cultural traditions and lifestyles, and the community members are active on issues/concerns, and with protecting and preserving their gathering rights. Ahonui plans to work with the Ualapue / Manae community in developing a cultural and natural resource management plan for Ualapue in order to protect and preserve resources including cultural sites, traditional, and customary practices for subsistence for future generations. The plas are to reforest with native platns on the Mauka and Makai and to rejuvenate and cultivate the soil to its natural origin as possible to bring balance to the eco system once again.

For more information on Ualapue, please see:

Beneficiary Consultation Meeting Information
Thursday April 4, 2024
6:00PM to 8:00PM
Kulana Oiwi Hall
600 Maunaloa Highway
Kaunakakai, HI 96748

Meeting Presentation and Minutes to come.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.