IFB-20-HHL-025, Kau Water System Improvements – Phase 1


Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Land Development Division

IFB NO.: IFB-20-HHL-025

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Isemoto Contracting

Jas. W. Glover, Ltd.

TCG, A Corporation of Idaho, Inc.

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BID OFFERS for IFB No.: IFB-20-HHL-025, KAU WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS – PHASE 1, Kamaoa, Kau, Island of Hawaii, State of Hawaii, shall be electronically submitted via HiePRO no later than 2:00 p.m., Hawaii Standard Time (H.S.T.) May 14, 2020. The Bid Offer Form must be submitted, as an attachment, when submitting your offer via HiePRO. Bids received after the time fixed for opening or submitted anywhere other than as specified above will not be considered.

This project consists of furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to satisfactorily complete the Kau Water Systems Improvements – Phase 1 package in Kamaoa, Kau, Hawaii.

To be eligible to submit a bid, the Bidder and/or his subcontractors shall possess all required valid State of Hawaii licenses and specialty licenses needed to perform the work for this project. A surety bid bond will be required for this Invitation for Bids (IFB).

This project is subject to Section 103D, Hawaii Revised  Statutes, and to the payment  of not less  than the prevailing salaries and wages promulgated by  the State of Hawaii, Department  of Labor  and Industrial Relations.

Bid documents may be examined at or obtained from The State of Hawaii eProcurement system (HiePRO): https://hiepro.ehawaii.gov/sav-search.html

It is the responsibility of Interested Bidders to check the HiePRO website for any addenda issued by DHHL.

All prospective bidders/offerors are invited to attend a PRE-BID CONFERENCE to be held 10:00 AM, H.S.T., on April 29, 2020 through video conference. The video conference can be accessed through the web at https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/220193141. Subcontractors and union representatives are also invited to attend. The conference is to provide bidders/offerors with an opportunity to ask questions about the contractual requirements and technical aspects of the project. Images and video of the project site will be shared at the pre-bid conference. Attendance of the pre-bid conference is not a condition for submitting a bid, but strongly recommended. Persons needing special accommodations due to a disability may submit such requests to Sara Okuda, Project Manager, Land Development Division, via e-mail to [email protected].

A written NOTICE OF INTENTION TO BID is required and shall be received by the DHHL, Land Development Division, no later than 2:00 PM H.S.T., May 4, 2020. Submittal of a NOTICE OF INTENTION TO BID shall be sent by e-mail to [email protected].

A properly executed and notarized STANDARD QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE FOR OFFERORS, SPO Form-21 (“Questionnaire”) is required and shall be submitted to the DHHL Land Development Division for evaluation no later than ten calendar days prior to the day designated for opening bids. Submittal of the Questionnaire via e-mail to [email protected] is acceptable. The Questionnaire is available for download from the State Procurement Office website:

https://spo.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/spo-02l .pdf

Bids shall comply with the requirements of the IFB. Bids that do not comply with the lFB may be subject to disqualification. DHHL reserves the right to amend the IFB by written addenda, to reject any and all bids, or to waive any defects in said bids where DHHL deems it is in the best interest of the State.

CAMPAIGN      CONTRIBUTIONS       BY     STATE      AND      COUNTY      CONTRACTORS PROHIBITED. If awarded a contract in response to  this  solicitation,  offeror  agrees  to comply  with HRS §11-355, which states that campaign contributions are prohibited from  a  State  and county government contractor during the term of the contract if the contractor is paid with funds appropriated by the legislative body between  the execution  of the contract through  the completion of the contract.

Questions regarding this project may be directed in writing to Sara Okuda, Project Manager, Land Development Division, DHHL via e-mail to [email protected].

Dated at Kapolei, Hawaii, this 22nd day of April 2020..


William J. Aila, Jr., Chairman


Posted on the internet at: https://hiepro.ehawaii.gov/sav-search.html