Commission Approves DHHL 2022 Anahola Regional Plan Update

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December 21, 2022

Commission Approves DHHL 2022 Anahola Regional Plan Update

(Kapolei, Oʻahu) – The Hawaiian Homes Commission (HHC) approved the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands’ (DHHL) update of the Anahola Regional Plan at its December 2022 regular meeting.

Within the Department’s tiered Planning System, DHHL Regional Plans focus on individual homestead communities and regions. The plans are intended to build a sense of community and capacity, stimulate partnerships for development and improvements, and give beneficiaries within the region an opportunity to work together and collaborate with DHHL in planning for their future. 

“Regional plans are authentic representations of the vision and values of these Hawaiian communities,” said Chair William J. Ailā, Jr. “Beneficiaries of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act in Anahola have prioritized what they would like to work on with DHHL in their community and the plan provides a unified direction for homesteaders, the Department, and the Commission in the Anahola region.”

DHHL’s staff and consultants met with representatives from Anahola homestead associations and leaders of community organizations in September 2021. Beneficiary consultation meetings followed between December 2021 and October 2022 and the Department presented a progress report on the Anahola Regional Plan Update to the Hawaiian Homes Commission in August 2022.

In October 2022, a beneficiary review draft of the Regional Plan Update was published online and a fifth and final Open House style beneficiary consultation meeting on the draft plan was held. Beneficiary comments were collected at that meeting and adjustments to the draft plan were made as a result. 

The Anahola Regional Plan sets forth five priorities crafted with beneficiary input. Those priorities include Surface Water Resources Management, the Hō‘ākeolapono Trades Academy and Institute, a Makai Management Plan, an Anahola Place-Based Education Network, and a Mauka Farm Lot Plan.

There are 23 Regional Plans across the state that are prepared through extensive beneficiary consultation and are approved by the Commission. The Plans provide a platform for beneficiaries to identify key issues facing their community, prioritize solutions, and play an active role in implementation.

DHHL’s Anahola Regional Plan was last updated in 2010. To view the Anahola Regional Plan update, or learn more about DHHL’s planning system, visit


About the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands:
The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands carries out Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole’s vision of rehabilitating native Hawaiians by returning them to the land. Established by U.S. Congress in 1921, with the passage of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, the Hawaiian homesteading program run by DHHL includes the management of over 200,000 acres of land statewide with the specific purpose of developing and delivering homesteading.

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