‘Ewa Beach Homestead Project

‘Ewa Beach Homestead Project

Master Plan and Environmental Assessment

Background: The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) has initiated a planning process to develop a master plan and prepare an environmental assessment for approximately 80 acres of recently acquired land in ‘Ewa Beach, O‘ahu.

Homestead development is the highest priority in DHHL’s O‘ahu Island Plan.  The ‘Ewa Beach homestead community is primarily intended to provide residential homesteading opportunities to native Hawaiian beneficiaries on the O‘ahu Residential waiting list, which currently has the most beneficiaries waiting for homesteads.  The parcel is located within an existing residential neighborhood, with access to employment centers, public transit, public services, and recreational facilities.

DHHL Beneficiary Consultation and ‘Ewa Beach Community Outreach Information 

Virtual Beneficiary Consultation #2

Community Meeting #1

Virtual Beneficiary Consultation #1 

Kapolei Homestead Leaders Meeting

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