Kalaupapa Management Plan and EIS Up For Review

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) owns land at Kalaupapa and we want to be sure that our beneficiaries have an opportunity to comment on the Draft General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statment (EIS) being circulated by the National Park Service (NPS).

The NPS will be holding a series of public meetings throughout the state. The DHHL Planning Office is planning on attending the meetings on Moloka’i, but we encourage all of our communities throughout the state to participate in a meeting near you.

The DHHL Planning Office will also hold a separate Informational Community meeting to talk about and discuss the Draft General Management Plan and EIS with our beneficiaries on Moloka’i so we can provide comprehensive comments to the NPS on the Draft General Management Plan and EIS. Meeting date, time and location to be determined. Please watch for details.

You can view the NPS Draft General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statment (EIS) along with more information, below.

Kalaupapa is a special and sacred place. Let’s work together to honor its future.

Mahalo nui,

M. Kaleo Manuel
Acting Planning Program Manager
Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
P.O. Box 1879, Honolulu, Hawaii 96805
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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the release of the Kalaupapa National Historical Park Draft General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for your review and comment. The draft plan and an executive summary are available for viewing and downloading and are also available for viewing at public libraries throughout Hawai’i.

We invite you to review the draft, share your thoughts with us, and let us know how it addresses your aspirations for the future of the historical park.

The draft plan presents the proposed management actions for Kalaupapa National Historical Park’s long-term management over the next 15 to 20 years. It explores a range of ideas, methods, and concepts for managing Kalaupapa National Historical Park. The draft plan describes four different alternative strategies for protecting and managing the park. It also contains an analysis of the impacts associated with implementing each of these strategies on existing park resources. Alternative C is the National Park Service’s preferred alternative, and this set of actions and programs is intended to become the general management plan.

Your involvement in the planning process has been a critical asset in the creation of this plan. You will find that many of your ideas from the public workshops and written comments, as well as mana’o from the resident patients, are represented in the management alternatives and in the NPS preferred alternative.

We invite you to take this opportunity to help shape the future of the historical park by sending us your comments or participating in public meetings. The comment period extends through June 8, 2015. Comments may be submitted in several ways:

  • Letters may be sent to:

National Park Service
Attn: Kalaupapa NHP GMP/EIS
909 First Avenue, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98104

In addition, we invite you to participate in public meetings in Hawai’i and online. For a list of public meeting opportunities, please visit this website.

A limited number of additional paper copies of this report are available. Please contact us if you’d like to receive a copy.

Your comments and contributions have been an invaluable component of this planning process so far, and we look forward to your comments on this draft GMP/EIS.

Mahalo for your support and interest in the long-term management of this sacred place,

Erika Stein Espaniola

Link to download the full document and the executive summary newsletter (#4): Draft General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement

Erika Stein Espaniola, Superintendent
Kalaupapa National Historical Park
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