Kukulu Kumuhana o Anahola Ulupono Anahola Project

Kukulu Kumuhana o Anahola (KKOA) Ulupono Anahola Project

Beneficiary Consultation Meeting (Amendments to the Kaua’i Island Plan)

Purpose: The purpose of the consultation meeting is to give beneficiaries (Anahola lessees and Kaua ‘i applicants who reside on Kaua ‘i) the opportunity to get information, ask questions, and comment on a proposed Amendment to the DHHL Kaua’i Island Plan’s Anahola Land Use Plan. The Island Plan Amendment is needed to adjust the location of ten acres of Community Use land makai of the residential homestead of Pi ‘ilani Mai Ke Kai in order to make the Community Use of the Kukulu Kumuhana o Anahola’s (KKOA) Ulupono Anahola Project consistent with the Kaua’i Island Plan (see land use maps, below).

DHHL conducted an initial beneficiary consultation regarding the KKOA Ulupono Project on August 7, 2019. At that consultation meeting, DHHL received positive feedback on the project from beneficiaries and support for KKOA’s use of DHHL lands for the project.

This additional beneficiary consultation meeting will ensure compliance with DHHL’s Planning System Rules, HAR § 10-4, which require the Department to consult with beneficiaries on proposed Island Plan Land Use Amendments.

At the Beneficiary Consultation meeting, the DHHL Planning Office will present information on the Land Use Amendment (LUA) process and why a LUA is needed for this project, which previously received approval of a 5-year license from the Hawaiian Homes Commission in September 2021. KKOA will also provide an update on the proposed project with major project milestones completed to date. Following the presentation, DHHL staff will facilitate questions and answers and record beneficiary comments on the proposed LUA.

Virtual Beneficiary Consultation Meeting

    • Thursday, December 15, 2022 – 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    • Video Recording:

(2004 Kauai Island Plan Land Use Designations)


(Proposed KKOA Project Area)