In The News – 2019

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands “In the News.”




Maui News (Nov. 19) – DHHL has plans for 850 Honokowai acres



Hawai`i Tribune-Herald (Nov. 19) – Construction of first phase of Honomu homestead project could begin in 2020

Star-Advertiser (Nov. 17) – DHHL pursues subsistence farming project on Big Island

Big Island Video News (Nov. 15) – Hawaiian Homes Honomū Subsistence Ag Project Moves Forward


Hawai`i State Legislature Beneficiary Information Briefing (Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs)

Big Island Video News (Nov. 5) – VIDEO: Hawaiian Lands in Hawaiian Hands Act 2020 Proposed

Hawai`i Public Radio (Nov. 5) – Homesteaders Want Amendments to the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act

Big Island Video News ( Nov. 5) – VIDEO: Hawaii Island Beneficiaries Speak Out At Senate DHHL Meeting

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald (Nov. 5) – Beneficiaries say it’s time for major changes to Hawaiian Homes Commission, DHHL

Civil Beat (Nov. 4) – Lawmakers Consider Fixes To Hawaiian Homelands Shortcomings 


Habitat for Humanity 

Star-Advertiser (Nov. 4) – Aloha United Way helps families stay out of poverty



Star-Advertiser (Dec. 1) – Homestead marred by conflict

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 1) – Homestead marred by conflict (Accompanying YouTube Video)

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 1) – Community divided over feral animal eradication effort

Star-Advertiser (Nov. 3) – Kahikinui’s lonely landscape reveals a network of temples at the heart of ancient farming settlements


Selling Homesteads

Civil Beat (Nov. 3) – Why Some Native Hawaiians End Up Selling Coveted Homesteads

Ka`uluokaha`i Vacant Lots

Name in the News

Honolulu Star-Advertiser (Nov. 1) – Name in the News: William Aila Jr. 


Hawaiian Homes Commission Hilo (Oct. 2019)

Big Island Video News (Oct. 23) – VIDEO: Councilwoman Lee Loy Testifies At Hawaiian Homes Commission

Big Island Video News (Oct. 22) – VIDEO: Halealoha Ayau Testifies, Resigns DHHL Position

Big Island Video News (Oct. 22) – VIDEO: Kanaka Rangers Confront Hawaiian Homes Commission In Hilo

Big Island Video News (Oct. 22) – Halealoha Ayau Testifies, Resigns DHHL Position


Villages of Laʻi ʻOpua

Hawai`i Tribune Herald (Oct. 23) – Action delayed on plan update for Villages of Laiopua


Hanapepe Firebreak

The Garden Island (Oct. 14) – DHHL finishes Hanapepe firebreak


DHHL Chair William J. Aila, Jr. on HPR’s “The Conversation” with Catherine Cruz

Hawai`i Public Radio (Oct. 15) – The Conversation with Catherine Cruz

Hawai`i Public Radio (Oct. 14) – The Conversation with Catherine Cruz


Contact Center

Civil Beat (Oct. 10) – DHHL Seeks To Improve Communication with Native Hawaiians Awaiting Home


Moloka`i Lessees Near 99-Year Mark

HNN (Oct. 8) – Molokai Families now nearing lease renewal


Admin Rules on Planned Communities, Multi-Family Complexes, and Rental Housing

Civil Beat (Sept. 30) – Ige OKs Rental, Multi-Family Units on DHHL Land

KHON (Sept. 30) – Gov. Ige discusses changes for Hawaiian Home Lands

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 30) – New DHHL rules allow more housing options



Star-Advertiser (Sept. 22) – DHHL lets delinquent lease swell to $242,000


Kanehili Lot Offer

Hawai`i Public Radio (Sept. 22) – DHHL Offers 37 Kapolei Homes To Native Hawaiian Beneficiaries

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 22) – DHHL awards 37 Kapolei home lots to pre-qualified applicants


Act 14 Private Counsel

West Hawai`i Today (Oct. 22) – DHHL committee to consider hiring private attorney

Hawai`i Tribune Herald (Oct. 22) – Panel seeks private counsel to assist with outstanding land claims

Big Island Video News (Sept. 14) – Hawaiian Homes Chair Seeks Private Counsel Amid Mauna Kea Access Road Dispute

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 14) – Hawaiian Homes Commission pursues land compensation


Ewa Drum Site

Star-Advertiser (Nov. 4) – Feds called to resolve rail land dispute

Hawai`i Public Radio (Oct. 22) – Plan to Award Rail’s Final Contract Reaches Point of No Return

Hawai`i Public Radio (Oct. 22) – Honolulu Councilmember Calls For More Transparency From Rail Project

KHON (Oct. 14) – Feds to oversee valuation of DHHL land where city built rail hub

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 8) – DHHL-city land swap for rail stirs questions



Star-Advertiser (Sept. 22) – DHHL lets delinquent lease swell to $242,000


Unpermitted Structure Near Pu`u Huluhulu

HNN (Sept. 6) – 2 arrested as state crews dismantle illegal wooden structure at Mauna kea protest camp

KHON (Sept. 6) – Structure erected at Pu`u Huluhulu removed by State

KHON (Sept. 6) -Officials respond to the removal of structure at Puu Huluhulu

KITV (Sept. 6) – State agencies begin removing unpermitted structure atop Mauna Kea

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 6) – 2 arrested as crew tears down illegal protest structure near Mauna Kea camp

Big Island Video News (Sept. 6) – VIDEO: Police Dismantle Structure Near Puuhuluhulu – Reaction

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald (Sept. 6) – Authorities tearing down illegal structure; traffic backed up on Saddle

Big Island Video News (Sept. 3) – DHHL Says It Will Remove Structure Near Puuhuluhulu When Resources Are Available

HNN (Sept. 3) – State, not protesters, could face fines for unpermitted structure at Mauna Kea


Bank of America

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 2) – State won’t pursue bank on $150M loan commitment to Hawaiian Home Lands


Central Maui Development

Hawai`i Public Radio (Aug. 25) – Hawaiian Home Lands Proposes Housing Project in Central Maui

The Maui News (Aug. 24) – DHHL looks to build homes in Central Maui

The Garden Island (Aug. 24) – Hawaiian Home Lands proposes housing project in central Maui


Mauna Kea Access Road

Big Island Video News (Oct. 20) – Mauna Kea Access Road Dispute Looms As Hawaiian Homes Commission Meets In Hilo

West Hawai`i Today (Aug. 30) – DOT has ‘control and jurisdiction’ of Mauneakea Access Road

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald (Aug. 30) – DOT, DHHL in accord over Maunakea Access Road jurisdiction

Big Island Video News (Aug. 30) – State Issues Joint Statement on Mauna Kea Access Road Jurisdiction

Big Island Video News (Aug. 26) – Mauna Kea Access Attempt Denied

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald (Aug. 17) – Kahele questions whether DOT or DHHL has jurisdiction over Maunakea Access Road

Big Island Video News (Aug. 17) – Kahele Details Mauna Kea Access Road Jurisdiction Timeline

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 15) – Questions arise over Mauna Kea road

KITV (Aug. 15) – State’s control over Mauna Kea Access Road could be in jeopardy

Big Island Video News (Aug. 14) – VIDEO: Who Owns Mauna Kea Access Road?


Kalima Case

Star-Advertiser (Nov. 22) – Name in the News: Leona Kalima

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 22) – Court hears arguments in DHHL trust case

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 21) – Native Hawaiian homestead case to be heard by Hawaii Supreme Court


Kakaina Waimānalo Lot Offer

KHON (Aug. 10) – Families receive Hawaiian homes land in Waimanalo


820 Isenberg Project (Former Bowl-O-Drome)

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 6) – DHHL seeks developer for old Bowl-O-Drome site

Hawaii Public Radio (Aug. 6) -820 Isenberg Project

HNN (Aug. 5) – Future of the pink Bowl-O-Drome revisited; housing among possibilities

KHON (Aug. 5) – Hawaiian Home Lands’ Request for Proposal to develop parcel in Urban Honolulu


Proposed Kalaeloa Solar Project

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 5) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands land deal under fire

HNN (July 8) – A proposal to raise money for Hawaiian Home Lands turns ugly in Kapolei


Lānaʻi Lot Offer

Maui News (July 29) – Lanai families ‘exhilarated’ to receive 16 Home Lands lots Saturday

MAUIWatch (July 27) – DHHL Offers 16 Lots on Lānaʻi

Maui Now (July 28) – 16 Hawaiian Home Land Lots Awarded on Lānaʻi

Star-Advertiser (July 27) – Lanai residents receive 16 Hawaiian Home Lands lots

KHON (July 27) – After years of wait, 16 vacant lots were awarded to homeland beneficiaries


Hawaiʻi Island Speed Bumps

Big Island Video News (Aug. 6) – VIDEO: Hawaiian Homes Speed Humps Debate Continues

Big Island Now (July 24) – Councilmember Lee Loy Requests Addition of DHHL Road Maintenance to Agenda



Star-Advertiser (Oct. 5) – Editorial: New day for DHHL?

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 26) – Editorial: DHHL successes few, far between

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 14) – Editorial: Snail’s pace for DHHL deals

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 5) – Editorial: Get structure off Mauna Kea lava

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 17) – Editorial: Whose road is it, anyway?

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 10) – Editorial: Hawaiian takes on DHHL

Star-Advertiser (Aug. 5) – Editorial: DHHL must focus on its obligations