Wai‘anae Land Use Requests – November 2022

Wai‘anae Land Use Requests – November 2022 

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) received 3 unsolicited requests for the long-term use of DHHL lands in the Wai‘anae region.  Land Use Requests were received from: 

  • Ka‘ala Farm, Inc.;
  • Wai‘anae Valley Homestead Community Association; and
  • The Wai‘anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center.

A summary of each proposal and maps identifying the location of the land being requested is presented below.

Beneficiary Consultation Meeting

Before making any decision to commit Hawaiian Home Lands to a certain land use for a long period of time—like 25 years, the Department will consult with beneficiaries who live in the area.  On November 3, 2022, DHHL mailed invitation postcards to all beneficiaries who live in the 96792 zip code.   

Beneficiaries were invited to attend a Virtual Beneficiary Consultation Meeting on Monday, November 14, 2022, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. At the consultation meeting, beneficiaries will hear about what the 3 requestors are proposing for the use of the land.  Beneficiaries can ask questions and provide comments on each land use request.  After the Consultation Meeting, staff will submit a Beneficiary Consultation Report to the Hawaiian Homes Commission that explains: what was presented; the questions and comments raised by beneficiaries, and the responses provided by the requestors and/or DHHL. 

Virtual Beneficiary Consultation Meeting 

  • Monday, November 14, 2022 – 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. 
  • Meeting Recording:

Ka‘ala Farm, Inc.’s Land Use Request

Ka‘ala Farm, Inc. is located in the back of Wai‘anae Valley.

DHHL land that is currently Licensed to Ka‘ala Farm, Inc. for community and cultural uses.

Since July 1, 2008, Ka‘ala Farm, Inc. has held a gratis License to approximately 97 acres in the back of Wai‘anae Valley (TMK 8-5-004:036). The License is for community and cultural land uses.  Ka‘ala Farm, Inc. is requesting a conversion of the License to a General Lease which will allow Ka‘ala Farm, Inc. to seek grants and other means to finance their planned improvements. 


Wai‘anae Valley Homestead Community Association’s Land Use Request 

The Wai‘anae Valley Homestead Community Association (WVHCA) is proposing to develop two (2) projects on a portion of the Wai‘anae Baseyard, located between the Wai‘anae Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Wai‘anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center.  The WVHCA is interested in developing a community-based solar energy project that would generate 250 kW of electricity that would be sold to HECO and would be dispatched as needed. In addition, the community solar model would reduce the electric bills for about 70 lessee households who subscribe to the project.   

The second project would utilize the space under the roof-mounted solar panels to develop a crematory.  The WVHCA is partnering with West O‘ahu Funeral Service, owned by the Buchanan ʻohana from Molokai.  The crematory would benefit the whole Wai‘anae region. 

The WVHCA is requesting a Right-of-Entry (ROE) to the Wai‘anae Baseyard Site, for 3 years or less, in order to complete due diligence requirements for a General Lease, including: 

  • A Site plan for a portion of the Baseyard Site 
  • Compliance with Chapter 343, HRS requirements 
  • A Power Purchase Agreement with HECO for the solar project. 

Upon completion of these requirements, WVHCA would ask the Department/Commission to convert the ROE to a 25-year General Lease.  


Wai‘anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center’s Land Use Request 

The Wai‘anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC) is proposing to develop a sustainability model through a focus on a teaching health center/training facility to create jobs; a cultural and community center for the perpetuation of Native Hawaiian culture; a social services support center; and a food campus (food cultivation, warehouse, distribution) to address food security issues in the Wai‘anae community. 

The WCCHC is interested in locating these new programs on the TMKs outlined in red and purple, which include:  TMK 8-6-01-012 (1 acre); TMK 8-6-001:024 (4 acres); TMK 8-6-001:025 (4.9 acres); TMK 8-6-001:026 (5 acres); TMK 8-6-001:027 (5 acres); and TMK 8-6-001:028 (5 acres).  The total acreage requested is approximately 25 acres. 

In 1988, the WCCHC entered into a 40-year General Lease with the Department for the 3 parcels outlined in green along Farrington Highway, which is a total of 2.6 acres.  In addition, the WCCHC has a month-to-month Right-of-Entry permit to the parcels outlined in purple which is a total of 5 acres.