NAHASDA Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAHASDA?
NAHASDA stands for Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act. It is a program funded through the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. Originally passed in 1996, NAHASDA serves the affordable housing needs of American Indians and Alaskan Natives. In 2000, NAHASDA added Title VIII for Native Hawaiians which consists of a block grant going directly to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL).

What is the purpose of NAHASDA?
To promote general welfare by providing affordable housing, creating safe and healthy environments and promoting self-determination.

What are the funding limits?
The minimal funding level is $10,000 with no maximum funding level.

Who is eligible to apply?
Local public entities (i.e. City and County agencies), nonprofit organizations, for-profit corporations and groups that are engaged in, or that will be engaged in developing, conducting, administering or coordinating housing-related assistance programs which will aid eligible beneficiaries.

What does NAHASDA fund?
All projects considered for funding must be related to HOUSING and must serve families of 80% or less the HUD Area Median Income.

When is the deadline?
The deadline for the NAHASDA Community Grant is June 15, 2012.  Please call Trisha Paul at  (808) 620-9285 for more information.

How long is the notification period?
The notification period will be 90 days from the deadline.

Do all projects and programs have to take place on Hawaiian Home Lands?
All projects and programs that are under the scope of development must take place on Hawaiian home lands and this is accomplished by DHHL. Real property acquisition, acquisition of affordable housing, financing assistance, reconstruction of affordable housing, moderate rehabilitation of affordable housing, site improvements, conversion, demolition administration and planning and other related activities such as environmental review and architectural and engineering plans for the affordable housing plans for the affordable housing project all relate to Hawaiian home lands. Individual assistance must be to individuals eligible to reside on Hawaiian home lands.

What is “Area Median Income?”
Area Median Income levels (AMI) are published each year by HUD and are used to determine eligibility for Section 8 subsidized rental housing. The median income is given for specific towns or counties in each state.