In the News – 2020

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands “In the News”


DHHL Down Payment Pilot Program

Associated Press (Dec. 23) – State agency to aid in down payments for Native Hawaiians on Oahu

KITV (Dec. 23) – Down Payment Assistance Pilot Project

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Dec. 24) – DHHL to aid in down payment for Native Hawaiians 

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 21) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to help with down payments


Proposal to Authorize Limited Casino Gaming – Single Integrated Resort

Hawaii Tribune Herald/ West Hawaii Today (Dec. 29) – Ige opposes casino on Oahu DHHL land

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 29) – Gov. David Ige pans Hawaiian home lands casino plan

The Garden Island (Dec. 28) – Body proposes gaming legislation

KITV (Dec. 27) – Web – Potential Kapolei casino raises concerns in Las Vegas 

KITV (Dec. 26) – On-Air – Kapolei Casino Prospect Stirs Up Competition 

HNN (Dec. 24) – On-Air – Kapolei Casino Proposal: DHHL to Host Community Meetings

KITV (Dec. 24) – Web – Input meeting on proposed casino in Kapolei scheduled

Maui Now (Dec. 24) – Beneficiary Consultations for Limited Gaming Legislation Scheduled

Star-Advertiser/ProPublica (Dec. 24) – Casino plan underscores worsening problems with homesteading program

HNN (Dec. 23) – Casino Gamble: Gov. Ige on Proposed Legislation 

Maui Now (Dec. 23) – Proposed Casino Legislation Moved Forward in 5-4 Vote by Hawaiian Homes Commission

Big Island Video News (Dec. 23) – VIDEO: Hawaiian Homes commission Approves Casino Gaming Legislative Proposal

Pacific Business News (Dec. 22) – Hawaiian Homes Commission advances proposed gambling legislation 

Civil Beat (Dec. 22) – Hawaiian Homes Commission Forwards Gambling Bill To The Governor

Hawaii News Now (Dec. 22) – Web – In 5-4, Hawaiian Homes Commission supports moving forward with casino proposal 

Hawaii News Now (Dec. 22) – On-Air – Casino Gamble

KHON (Dec. 22) – Web – Hawaiian Homs Commission approves plan to develop Kapolei casino resort

KHON (Dec. 22) – On-Air – Casino in Kapolei?

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 22) – Hawaiian Homes Commission OKs plan to pursue development of casino resort in Kapolei

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 22) – Group rallies against casino proposal before Department of Hawaiian Home Lands headquarters

KITV (Dec. 22) – Web – DHHL casino proposal gets the green light

KITV (Dec. 22) – Web – Senator Favella opposes Kapolei casino plans

KITV (Dec. 22) – On-Air – Controversial Plan Moves Forward

Big Island Video News (Dec. 22) – Video: DHHL Pushes For Casino Gaming on Hawaiian Home Lands

Big Island Video News (Dec. 22) – Video: DHHL Pushes For Casino Gaming on Hawaiian Home Lands

Hawai`i Public Radio (Dec. 21) – Hawaiian Homes Beneficiaries Weigh in on Kapolei Casino Proposal

Hawaii News Now (Dec. 21) – Web – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands leaders defend casino plan

Hawaii News Now (Dec. 21) – On-Air – Casino Gamble

KHON (Dec. 21) – Web – State lawmaker, tourism expert oppose DHHL casino in Kapolei

KHON (Dec. 21) – On-Air – State lawmaker, tourism expert oppose DHHL casino in Kapolei

Civil Beat (Dec. 21) – Hawaiian Homes Commission Airs Concerns Over Kapolei Casino Proposal

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 21) – Kapolei casino seen as key to land trust’s future

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 17) – Proposed Home Lands casino would allow golf course, theme parks, sporting events

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 17) – Gambling on trust lands

West Hawaii Today (Dec. 17) – Hawaiian Homes Commission to consider casino proposal 

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Dec. 17) – Hawaiian Homes Commission to consider casino proposal

Star-Advertiser (Dec. 16) – DHHL considers proposal to build casino in Kapolei

Pacific Business News (Dec. 16) – Hawaiian Homes Commission to consider proposal for Kapolei casino

Civil Beat (Dec. 16) – A Casino In Kapolei? New Proposal Would Allow Limited Gambling

Hawaii News Now (Dec. 16) – Web – Plan to build casino on Hawaiian Home Lands in Kapolei a big gamble, critics say

Hawaii News Now (Dec. 16) – On-Air – DHHL Gambling Controversy 

KITV (Dec. 16) – Web – DHHL: Talks of Kapolei casino on the table

KITV (Dec. 16) – Web – Proposed Casino on DHHL Land Sparks Controversy 

KITV (Dec. 16) – On-Air – DHHL Proposal for Casino in Kapolei

KHON (Dec. 16) – Web – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands pushes proposal for a casino in Kapolei

KHON (Dec. 16) – On-Air – Could Hawaii Get its First Casino? 


Kaʻuluokahaʻi – Increment IIB

KITV (Dec. 5) – 37 Turn-Key Lots Offered to Native Hawaiians


Villages of Laʻi ʻŌpua Rent-With-Option-To-Purchase

West Hawaii Today (Nov. 25) – Going vertical: Construction begins on homes in Laʻi ʻOpua

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Nov. 25) – Construction begins on homes in Laʻi ʻOpua

Big Island Video News (Nov. 24) – Construction Begins On 60 Homes In Laʻi ʻŌpua

KHON (Nov. 24) – Construction starts for Department of Hawaiian Home Lands rent-to-buy homes on the Big Island


Civil Beat

Civil Beat (Dec. 13) – How Lending Practiced Restrict Hawaiian Homesteaders’ Borrowing Power

Civil Beat (Nov. 22) – Here’s Why Hawaiian Homesteaders May Never Fully Profit From Their Own Land


Hoʻolehua Water System Upgrades

The Maui News (Nov. 23) – Aging water system to undergo upgrades

Star-Advertiser (Nov. 20) – Repairs and upgrades begin for Molokai water system

Hawaii News Now (Nov. 19) – On-Air – Water System Improvement Project

Maui Now (Nov. 19) – Decades-Old Ho`olehua Water System on Moloka`i to Undergo Major Repairs


Maku`u Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Associated Press – Widespread Publication (Nov. 16) – Hawaii removes hundreds of abandoned vehicles from lots

West Hawaii Today (Nov. 15) – DHHL and county clean up 382 trashed cars, 700+ tires

Hawaii Tribune Herald (Nov. 14) – Hundreds of abandoned vehicles removed from Makuu

Big Island Video News (Nov. 13) – 382 Abandoned Vehicles Removed From Hawaiian Homestead In Puna

Big Island Now (Nov. 13) – Over 300 Abandoned Cars Removed from Maku`u


Pu`unani Subdivision in Waikapu Final EA

The Maui News (Nov. 13) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Waikapu subdivision clears a hurdle


FCC Grants DHHL Use of Neighbor Island Spectrum

The Molokai Dispatch (Nov. 11) – DHHL to Offer its Own Internet

The Maui News (Oct. 28) – Wireless broadband OK’d for homesteaders


ProPublica/Star-Advertiser Article 

ProPublica/Star-Advertiser (Dec. 24) – Hawaii’s Big Fix to Its Housing Shortage for Native Hawaiians? A Casino.

Community Voices: Chair Aila/Star-Advertiser (Oct. 28) – Article Highlights DHHL Funding Needs

ProPublica/Star-Advertiser (Oct. 24 digital, Oct. 25 print) –To reclaim ancestral land, all Native Hawaiians need is $300,000 mortgage and to wait in line for decades

ProPublica/Star-Advertiser (Oct. 24) – How we found low-income Hawaiians were left behind by the homesteading program


DHHL Grant Availability

Pacific Business News (Oct. 26) – Department of Hawaiian Homelands to disburse $1M in grants

Big Island Now (Oct. 25) – Hawaiian Homelands Announces $1 Million in Grant Availability 


DHHL Legislative Proposals

Big Island Now (Sept. 28) – DHHL Sends 13 Legislative Proposals to Governor


HHC September Meeting/Hawai`i Island Update

Hawaii Tribune-Herald/West Hawaii Today (Sept. 28) – DHHL moving forward on Villages of La`i `Opua project

Big Island Video News (Sept. 26) – VIDEO: DHHL Presents Hawaii Island Homestead Projects Update


COVID-19 DHHL Loan Payment Deferral Extension

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Sept. 25) – DHHL extends mortgage loan payment deferrals until end of the year


Isenberg Developer Selection 

KITV (Sept. 24) – Previous Stadium Bowl-O-Drome in Moiliili to become high-rise affordable rentals

Pacific Business News (Sept. 23) – DHHL affordable rentals to add 23-story tower in Moiliili on old Bow-O-Drome site

Hawaii News Now (Sept. 23) -Web – DHHL selects developers to build an affordable housing complex in Moiliili

Hawaii News Now (Sept. 23) – On-Air – Moiliili Affordable Housing Project

KHON (Sept. 23) – Web – DHHL progresses affordable rental project with new developer

KHON (Sept. 23) – On-Air – DHHL Isenberg Redevelopment Project


Kalawahine Illegal Camper Concerns

Hawaii News Now (Sept. 14) – On-Air – Homeless Concerns in Papakolea

Hawaii News Now (Sept. 14) – Web – Papakolea residents raise concerns about growing homeless in their community


Solar Solicitation

Pacific Business News (Sept. 14) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands solicits applications for future renewable energy projects

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 7) – Hawaiian homelands made available for renewable energy

The Maui News (Sept. 4) – DHHL solicits renewable energy


Kahikinui Road Repairs

Star-Advertiser (Sept. 6) – Print – Kahikinui road repairs begin this week

The Maui News (Sept. 5) – Kahikinui roadwork is set to get going

Maui Now (Sept. 4) – $963K Road Repair Project Starts Sept. 8 in Kahikinui, Maui

Maui Time (Sept. 4) – Kahikinui Roadway Repairs


Kanehili Walkway Improvements

KHON – Web (Sept. 2) – Kanehili pedestrian walkway improvements set to start this weekend


COVID-19 Halt of Camping Permits, Facility Reservations

Big Island Video News (Aug. 5) – DHHL Extends Cancelled Park Permits in Hawaii

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Aug. 6) – DHHL camping permits or facilities reservations canceled through October

The Maui News (Aug. 6) – DHHL facility permits still on hold


Mauna Kea Access Road

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald/West Hawai`i Today (Aug. 7) – Judge takes motion for partial summary judgment in Maunakea Access Road lawsuit ‘under advisement’

Associated Press-National Distribution (Aug. 5) – Plaintiffs seek judgment in lawsuit over Mauna Kea road

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald/West Hawai`i Today (Aug. 3) – Plaintiffs seek judgment in Maunakea Access Road lawsuit


Waimānalo Habitat

KITV (July 19) – On-Air – Honolulu Habitat’s Newest Home



HNN (July 13) – Web – An ‘unreal’ battle to reclaim a home turned into a suspected gambling room is finally resolved

HNN (July 13) – On-Air – Family Fights for Kapolei Home


Waimānalo Removal

KITV (July 7) –  DHHL conducts removal of unauthorized campers in Waimanalo

HNN (July 7 – 10 p.m.) – On-Air – DHHL Clears Homeless Camps & Vehicles

HNN (July 7 – 9 p.m.) – On-Air – DHHL Clears Homeless Camps


Supreme Court Rules on Kalima Case

Star-Advertiser (July 1) – Justices fault state for mismanaging Hawaiian land trust

Hawaii News Now (July 1) – Hawaii Supreme Court rules in favor of Hawaiian homelands beneficiaries

KITV (July 1) – Court rules in favor of Hawaiian Homelands, beneficiaries could receive millions from lawsuit

KHON2 (July 1) – Hawaii Supreme Court rules state must pay Native Hawaiians damages


East Hawai`i Commissioner Kaleikini

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (July 1) – Kaleikini gets tepid endorsement

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (June 28) – BI Hawaiian Homes Commission nominee scrutinized


DHHL Reopens for In-Person Visits

Maui News (June 15) – DHHL offices set to reopen for in-person visits

Maui Now (June 13) – DHHL to Reopen In-Person Services on an Appointment Only Basis


Kaua`i Habitat

The Garden Island (June 5) – A new roof over their heads


Anahola Reservoir Work

The Garden Island (May 30) – Reservoir work set in Anahola

KHON Web (May 29) – Remediation improvements to begin on Anahola reservoirs


HHC Commissioner Confirmations

The Molokai Dispatch (June 4) – Helm Confirmed as Hawaiian Homes Commissioner

The Maui News (May 26) – Two from Maui County confirmed to Hawaiian Homes Commission


DHHL COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program

KHON Living 808 (Sept. 18) – On-Air – Rental Assistance Through Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

KHON (Sept. 18) – Rental Assistance Through Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

Lahaina News (Sept. 3) – Extension approved for DHHL Rental Assistance Program

Pacific Business News (June 19) – DHHL expands Covid-19 emergency rental assistance program

Big Island Video News (June 19) – DHHL Expands COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance

Lahaina News (May 21) – DHHL, Aloha United Way launch beneficiary rental relief program

Pacific Business News (May 12) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, United Way launch rental relief program

HNN Web (May 12) – Hawaiian Homelands program launched to offer rent relief to laid off workers

Hawai`i Public Radio (May 12) – DHHL Offers Rent Aid for Beneficiaries

HNN (May 11) – DHHL Rental Assistance Program

KITV (May 11) – Million in Financial Help on its Way

KHON (May 11) – COVID-19 Emergency Rental Program

Big Island Video News (May 11) – Hawaiian Homes Launches Rental Relief Program

Civil Beat (May 11) – Native Hawaiian Eligible For Rental Assistance During COVID-19 Crisis

Honolulu Magazine (May 11) – State Launches Native Hawaiian Rental Assistance Program

KITV Web (May 11) – Rental assistance available for beneficiaries already on DHHL list

KHON Web (May 11) – DHHL announces new rental relief program for those affected by COVID-19

MAUIWatch (May 11) – DHHL Launches Rental Relief Program


HCC Approves Additional COVID-19 Relief Options

Maui Now (April 22) – Hawaiian Homes Commission Approves COVID-19 Relief Options


HCC Decision to Defer DHHL Loan Payments Amid COVID-19 Emergency

The Maui News (Dec. 16) – DHHL postpones loan payments until March 31

Lahaina News (April 2) – Hawaiian Homes Commission approves DHHL loan deferral

Star-Advertiser (March 26) – Hawaiian Homes OKs loan deferral

Big Island Now (March 26) – Loan Forbearance for DHHL Mortgages Available 

Maui Now (March 26) – Hawaiian Homes Commission Approves DHHL Loan Deferral

Big Island Video News (March 25) – VIDEO: Hawaiian Homes Loan Payments Deferred For 6 Months


DHHL and COVID-19 Impacts

Maui Now (March 21) – Website to Show Impacts of COVID-19 on Department on Hawaiian Home Lands Operations

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald (March 20) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands closes offices statewide; requests all payments by mail only


Sandwich Isles Communications

Hawaii Public Radio (March 10) – Lawmakers Concerned Homesteaders Could Bear Brunt of Telecom Fiasco

Star-Advertiser (March 7) – Companies started by Albert Hee being liquidated


Pūlehunui Wastewater IFB

The Maui News (March 17) – DHHL seeks bids to build wastewater project in Pulehunui

Maui Now (March 8) – Invitation For Bid Issued for Wastewater System in Pūlehunui

MAUIWatch (March 6) – DHHL Issues IFB for Development of Wastewater System in Pūlehunui, Maui


NHLC Lawsuit – Mauna Kea Access Road

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald (Feb. 15) – State AG responds to lawsuit 

Hawai`i Public Radio (Feb. 14) – Hawaiian Homes Beneficiaries Sue State Over Mauna Kea Access Road

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 14) – Hawaiians sue state over use of Mauna Kea Access Road

West Hawaii Today (Feb. 14) – Lawsuit questions state’s authority over Maunakea Access Road 

HNN (Feb. 13) – On-Air  – Hawaiian Beneficiaries Sue State Over Rent 

KITV (Feb. 13) – On-Air  – Mauna Kea Access Road NHLC Lawsuit 

Big Island Video News (Feb. 13) – Breach Of Trust Lawsuit Filed Over Mauna Kea Access Road

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 13) – Lawsuit Alleges State Misuse of Maunakea Access Road

Hawai`i Tribune-Herald (Feb. 13) – State sued for misuse of Maunakea Access Road

HNN (Feb. 13) – Suit: State owes Homelands beneficiaries decades of back rent for Mauna Kea road 


Chair William Aila, Deputy Tyler Gomes State Senate Confirmation

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 11) – Expanded Story – Aila confirmed as head of DHHL 

HNN (Feb. 10) – On-Air 6:30 p.m. – State Senate Confirms William Aila

KITV (Feb. 10) – On-Air 6 p.m. – State Senate Confirms Aila as DHHL Chair 

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 10) – State Senate confirms William Aila as Hawaiian Home Lands chairman



KITV (Feb. 8) – On-Air 6 p.m. – DHHL Addresses Abandoned Vehicles in Maku`u

KITV (Feb. 8) – On-Air 6 a.m.- DHHL Addresses Abandoned Vehicles in Maku`u

Big Island Now (Feb. 8) – DHHL to Address Piles of Abandoned Vehicles in Puna

KHON (Feb. 7) – On-Air 5 p.m. –DHHL Addresses Abandoned Vehicles in Maku`u

KHON (Feb. 7) – On-Air 4 p.m. – DHHL Addresses Abandoned Vehicles in Maku`u

Big Island Video News (Feb. 7) – DHHL Takes on Abandoned Vehicles in Maku`u

Maui Now (Feb. 7) – Abandoned Vehicles on Hawaiian Homelands Prompts Statewide Action


Habitat for Humanity Maui – Kuailani ʻohana

The Maui News (Feb. 6) – DHHL, Habitat help Kuailani’s get home

KITV (Feb. 6) – Maui family now has keys to their new home thanks to Habitat for Humanity, DHHL

MAUIWatch (Feb. 5) – DHHL, Habitat Partnership Completes Maui Home

Hawaii News Now (Feb. 5) – On Air – Kula Family Gets Keys to New Home

KITV (Feb. 5) – On Air – Kuailani Family Gets Keys to New Home



Associated Press (Jan. 29) – Hawaiian Home Lands to buy $8M in property for development

Star-Advertiser (Jan. 29) – DHHL buys vacant apartments for beneficiaries 

Pacific Business News (Jan. 28) – Hawaiian Homes Commission buying two vacant Honolulu apartment buildings from Kamehameha Schools

Hawaii News Now (Jan. 28) – DHHL buys Moiliili property from Kamehameha Schools for $7.8M

KITV (Jan. 28) – Department of Hawaiian Homes Commission approves the purchase of Mo`ili`ili real estate

KHON (Jan. 28) – Department of Hawaiian Homelands to purchase property from Kamehameha Schools

Hawaii Public Radio (Jan. 28) – DHHL To Buy $8M Property in Mōʻiliʻili From Kamehameha Schools for Housing


Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs

Star-Advertiser (Jan. 31) – Aila gets initial OK as DHHL chief

Honolulu Civil Beat (Jan. 30) – Committee: Full Senate Should Confirm Aila As DHHL Director

Honolulu Civil Beat (Jan. 24) – Senators Delay Vote After Grilling Aila As Head Of Hawaiian Home Lands

Star-Advertiser (Jan. 24) – DHHL chief nominee draws disagreement


Senate Ways and Means Committee

Hawaii Public Radio (Jan. 13) – Hawaiian Homes Says It Needs $43M to Develop More Lots



West Hawai`i Today (Jan. 9) – DHHL Looking to Build Homes in Kealakehe


Other News

West Hawai`i Today (Feb. 15) – Maunakea debris raise concern, again

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Feb. 15) – Concerns raised about Maunakea debris 

The Maui News (Feb. 10) – McKelvey introduces bill, Lahaina still short lots

Civil Beat (Feb. 7) – State Lawmakers Are Weighing A Slate of Bills That Affect Native Hawaiians

The Garden Island (Jan. 30 ) – County backs Hawaiian homesteaders

Civil Beat (Jan. 29) – Kauai: Council Weighs Resolution To Fix DHHL Mortgage Programs

Hawaii Public Radio (Jan. 14) – Hawaiian Homes Says It Needs $43M to Develop More Lots 



Star-Advertiser Our View (Dec. 26) – Alternative from Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

Civil Beat (Dec. 20) – Chad Blair: A Casino In Kapolei? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Star-Advertiser Our View (Dec. 20) – Casino a bad bet for DHHL lands

Star-Advertiser Off the News (Sept. 25) – DHHL’s high-rise rental project

Star-Advertiser Our View (May 16) –Help for Hawaiians


Ka Wai Ola Column (`O Ka Nuhou `Aina Ho`opulapula)

December – Hoʻolehua Water System to Get a Major Upgrade

November –  DHHL Revamps Financial Support Service Program

October –  Chair Aila Addresses Herbicide Use

September – The Importance of Naming a Successor

August – Affordable Homesteads Through Habitat Partnership

July – Beware: Scammers are Targeting Homesteaders

June – Federal Funds Deployed for Rental Relief

May – COVID-19 Mortgage Relief for Homesteaders 

April – Subsistence Agriculture on the Horizon for DHHL Beneficiaries 

March – Real Estate Purchase to Provide Added Opportunity

February – DHHL to Build 1,300 Lots Over Next Five Years