Sufficient Sums and Budget Request

Sufficient Sums and Budget Request 2022

  • Article 12 Section 1 – Hawaii State Constitution
    • The legislature shall make sufficient sums available for the following purposes:
      • 1) development of home, agriculture, farm and ranch lots;
      • 2) home, agriculture, aquaculture, farm and ranch loans;
      • 3) rehabilitation projects to include, but not limited to, educational, economic, political, social and cultural processes by which the general welfare and conditions of native Hawaiians are thereby improved;
      • 4) the administration and operating budget of the department of Hawaiian home lands; in furtherance of (1), (2), (3) and (4) herein, by appropriating the same in the manner provided by law.
  • Sufficient Sums Budget 
  • Handout (HHC September 2022 Meeting)