Zachary Helm Appointed as New Hawaiian Homes Commissioner for Molokai

Posted on Apr 20, 2018 in Hawaiian Homes Commission, Media Releases

Zachary Helm (second from left) was recently confirmed by the Hawaii State Senate as the Hawaiian Homes Commissioner for the island of Molokai.

The Hawai`i State Senate recently voted to advise and consent Zachary Helm to the Hawaiian Homes Commission. Commissioner Helm will represent the island of Molokai and his term runs through June of 2020.

Mr. Helm has thirty years of experience working with the Department of Parks and Recreation for the County of Maui. Mr. Helm served most of his tenure at the
Parks and Recreation as the District Supervisor III of the Molokai District, where he was responsible for the operations and maintenance of parks and recreational facilities, equipment, and recreation programs. Mr. Helm has proven his leadership as the Deputy Director for the Department of Parks and Recreation of the County of Maui.

Commissioner Helm is also active in the community, serving on various boards such as the Kalama’ula Hawaiian Homestead Association, Friendly Isle United Way, Molokai Catholic Community Council, and Molokai Little League Association. Commissioner Helm replaces Commissioner Gene Ross Davis who was hired as the District Supervisor for DHHL’s Molokai Office.

More information about the Hawaiian Homes Commission can be found by clicking here.