HHC Admin Rules Committee Seeks Comment

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 in Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

At its regular meeting of August 15, 2011, the Hawaiian Homes Commission approved a process for the consideration of administrative rules, policy decision-making on related issues, and the development of new administrative rules and rule amendments. Upon further consideration of the rules/policy approval process, this committee recommends a revised process.

Effective today, the committee will present a monthly report to the commission at each regular meeting. This report will include a summary of any committee activities occurring in the previous month, as well as a list of the policy issues to be considered at the next regular commission meeting. The committee will also announce in these reports a preliminary position on each issue and these positions will be available online for comments for two weeks following the announcement. The committee and department staff will consider these comments in preparing the final submittal on the policy issue.

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