New Solar Leasing Program on Molokaʻi

Posted on Dec 10, 2013 in Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Media Releases
Molokai Solar Program Launch

Molokaʻi Habitat for Humanity issues $32,600 check to partner Kala Power for the installation of solar photovoltaic units on 163 native Hawaiian homes on Molokaʻi. From left to right: Nani Duvauchelle (Staff, Molokaʻi Habitat for Humanity), Cissy Ellertson (Molokaʻi Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors), Ella Alcon (Staff, Office of Molokaʻi Councilwoman Stacy Crivello), Priscilla Maliu (Staff, Molokaʻi Habitat for Humanity), Nani Brandt (President, Molokaʻi Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors), Zhatell Dudoit (Executive Director, Molokaʻi Habitat for Humanity), Melanie Kahunani King (President, Co-Owner, Kala Solar), Sybil Lopez (Sales Rep, Kala Solar), and Kimokeo Kapahulehua (CEO, Kala Solar).

Program could save Molokaʻi homesteaders $3,000 a year on electricity

HOʻOLEHUA, MOLOKAʻI – Moloka‘i residents pay among the highest electricity bills in the nation. But a new solar photovoltaic leasing program aims to change all of that.

A new partnership between Moloka‘i Habitat for Humanity and Kala Power hopes to save Moloka‘i families an estimated $3,000 a year on their electricity bills.

The solar leasing program announced today at a press conference at Lanikeha Center in Ho‘olehua will eliminate the upfront cost to homeowners of installing a solar photovoltaic unit, which can run as high as $20,000 – $30,000, according to Moloka‘i Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Zhantell Dudoit.

Moloka‘i Habitat secured funding for the program from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and in October received $32,600 for the installation of photovoltaic units for the first 163 native Hawaiian families. Dudoit estimates total savings for the 163 Moloka‘i households at $489,000 a year.

The program targets low-income Native Hawaiian families with a focus on Department of Hawaiian Home Lands lessees. Participants must fall below the area median income or AMI  for Maui County and exhibit a need for assistance.

Under the partnership, Moloka‘i Habitat will continue to find funding and secure homeowners, and Kala Solar Power will furnish the photovoltaic systems, provide their own investors, and be responsible for labor, permitting and logistics.

For more information, contact Molokaʻi Habitat for Humanity at (808)560-5444.