Lālāmilo Water System Project Update

Posted on Jun 19, 2012 in Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Media Releases

Lālāmilo Offsite Water System
16-Inch and 12-Inch Transmission Mains
June 2012 Project Update

Updated June 15, 2012

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A contractor will install approx. 1,082 ft. of 16-inch, and 46 ft. of 8-inch water lines along Kawaihae Road; and approx. 1,061 ft. of 16-inch, 739 ft. of 12-inch, and 29 ft. of 8-inch water lines on South Kohala Distribution Road. Transmission mains will provide water from the new 1.0 million gallon water reservoir (currently under construction) and an existing service line along Kawaihae Road to the Lālāmilo subdivision. The project is located along Kawaihae Road, between South Kohala Distribution Road and the new 1.0 million gallon water reservoir, at milepost 58.9. (See attached Location Map for Project Location.)

ESTIMATED COST: $1,599,047.75


  • Work being coordinated with County of Hawaii Department of Water Supply.
  • Kahu Blessing held 10/28/10.
  • Construction Management Consultant: SSFM International, Inc. Construction management contract includes other Lälämilo construction projects (Lälämilo 1.0 Million Gallon Reservoir, Lälämilo Phase 1 Channelization of Kawaihae Road, Lālāmilo Phase 2A subdivision).
  • Archaeological Monitoring Consultant: Scientific Consultant Services, Inc.
  • Munitions: Working with the Army Corps of Engineers (COE) to address possible existing munitions and explosives in the project area.
  • Coordinating project with rancher (general lessee) Mr. Fred Rice who currently ranches within project limits.
  • Consultation Process with Cultural and Lineal Descendents. Letters to conduct consultation meetings mailed to descendents on 7/21/11. Formulating plan of action.


  • NOTICE TO PROCEED (NTP) DATE: June 6, 2011 (Official)
  • CONSTRUCTION COMPLETION DATE: September 12, 2012 (estimated)
  • CONSULTANT: Community Planning & Engineering, Inc.
  • CONTRACTOR: Honolulu Builders (with civil contractor Willocks Construction Corporation)


  • Jeffrey Fujimoto, Engineer, Land Development Division
  • Contact Info: Phone: (808) 620-9274, Fax.: (808) 620-9299

 The complete update is continued in the PDF document.