Aloha and Welcome to the State of Hawaiʻi – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands


As a new employee, we would like to share with you an overview of employment with the State of Hawaiʻi. We highly encourage you to watch the following new hire videos before filling out the new hire forms.



Please review the following policies guiding all DHHL employees:

Onboarding Forms

Most of the onboarding forms required for new hires can be completed online and submitted to the HR office electronically. 

Note: You will be given additional onboarding forms on your start date that will need to be completed and returned to the HR office. Please review the following information based on your appointment type before completing those forms.

Civil Service/Exempt Employees

  • Additional Benefits:
    • Deferred Compensation Plan
    • The Power of Ahupua’a – Pre-recorded presentation incorporating Hawaiian cultural themes into an informational video about the State’s Deferred Compensation Plan: Island Savings Plan by Prudential (a quick registration is required and then the presentation will start automatically)

89-Day Appointments


Visit the DHRD website or contact the DHHL Human Resources office for more information.