Agriculture Program Plan

The purpose and intent of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act are, “to enable native Hawaiians to return to their lands in order to fully support self-sufficiency for native Hawaiians and the self-determination of native Hawaiians . . . and the preservation of the values, traditions, and culture of native Hawaiians.”

Guided by previous efforts conducted in the past, DHHL is embarking on a statewide effort to develop an Agriculture Program Plan.

Beneficiary Consultation

This is a unique time. The global pandemic has limited DHHL’s ability to hold community meetings and workshops.  However, this project is important and requires the Department to look at different ways to engage with the beneficiary community that allows for safe social distancing. For this first round of community engagement, DHHL has developed a video for both Agriculture lessees and Applicants, as well as an online survey.

Step 1 – Watch Video

Step 2 – Take Survey