DHHL Employment

State of Hawaii Civil Service Jobs at DHHL*:

Job OpportunityRecruitment /Job #LocationClosing
Account Clerk III22-0200O’ahuContinuous
Engineer V219348O’ahuContinuous
Equipment Operator III22-0765Island of Hawai’iContinuous
General Professional IV22-0779O’ahuContinuous
Heavy Equipment Operator22-0710Island of Hawai’iContinuous
Homestead Assistant I23-0162O’ahuContinuous
Homestead Assistant II23-0161O’ahuContinuous
Land Agent IV (1 of 2)22-0641O’ahuContinuous
Land Agent IV (2 of 2)22-0641O’ahuContinuous
Land Agent V22-0641O’ahuContinuous
Planner V (GIS)22-0613O’ahuContinuous
Planning & Development Coordinator (LDD)23-0046O’ahuContinuous
Planning & Development Coordinator (LMD)23-0046O’ahuContinuous
Program Specialist V23-0039O’ahuContinuous

*Civil Service jobs can be applied for directly on the DHRD webpage using the links above.

State of Hawaii Non-Civil Service Jobs at DHHL**:

Job OpportunityRecruitment /Job #LocationClosing
HHL Accountant IV, NAHASDA VA 23-007O’ahuContinuous Until Filled
HHL Application Officer VA 23-006O’ahuContinuous Until Filled
HHL Homestead Services Administrative Assistant VA 23-005O’ahuContinuous Until Filled
HHL Office Assistant IV VA 23-004O’ahuContinuous Until Filled
HHL Project Manager VA 23-009O’ahuContinuous Until Filled
HHL Property Development Agent VA 23-008O’ahuContinuous Until Filled
Information & Community Relations Officer VA 23-001O’ahuContinuous Until Filled
NAHASDA Mortgage Loan Specialist VA 23-003O’ahuContinuous Until Filled

**To apply for a Non-Civil Service position at the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands submit your cover letter, resume, and completed application by clicking here.

DHHL is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

This page was last updated on March 14, 2023.