DHHL Achieves 82 Percent Compliance on Commercial Leases

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Media Releases

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Achieves 82 Percent Compliance on Commercial Leases

HONOLULU — As part of the notification process to redevelop its Revocable Permit (RP) commercial property leasing program, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) reported that 82 percent of commercial lessees are in compliance with lease terms.

(Like all State commercial lease programs, DHHL’s commercial lease program includes long-term general commercial leases, licenses, rights of entry and short-term revocable permits.)

In July, the Hawaiian Homes Commission (HHC) authorized DHHL to issue Right of Entry (ROE) permits to former RP holders found to be in compliance. As of October 21, 2013, the Department issued ROE permits to 148 of the 181 former RP holders, or 82 percent are in compliance.

Nine RPs, or 5 percent, were not renewed either by the permitee or DHHL.

Notification via certified mail has gone out to the remaining 24 former RP holders, or 13 percent, who were found to be non-compliant and have been given until Nov. 29 to remedy all outstanding violations. Examples of non-compliance included: delinquent rent, unauthorized clearing and/or expanding of property boundaries, multiple unpermitted and unauthorized buildings on the property, among other violations.

“We’re hopeful these final accounts will be able to achieve compliance within the next 30 days,” said Darrell Young, DHHL Deputy Director.

Failure to reach compliance by the November deadline would result in the Department’s final recommendation to terminate the lease.

The Department is set to report to the HHC this week at its Maui meetings with an update of the ongoing Revocable Permit conversion process. The Department anticipates submitting a revised RP program proposal to the Hawaiian Homes Commission (HHC) by the end of the calendar year.