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Star-Advertiser/ProPublica (May 7) –Promised Land: The U.S. owes Hawaiians millions of dollars worth of land. Congress helped make sure the debt wasn’t paid.

Star-Advertiser/ProPublica (May 7) – The Private Deals – How the deals approved by Congress bypassed thousands of Hawaiians waiting for homes


Pu’ukapu Non-Potable Water System

KITV – Web – (April 20) – Department of Hawaiian Homelands to begin water tank construction on the Big Island


Laʻi ʻŌpua Rent-With-Option-To-Purchase

Star-Advertiser (May 2) – Unique affordable-housing program allows Department of Hawaiian Home Lands tenants to buy rentals

Big Island Video News (April 18) – DHHL Offers Rent-With-Option-To-Purchase In Kona

KITV – On-Air – (April 17) – Rent With Option To Purchase Homes Available

KHON – On-Air – (April 17) – DHHL’s Latest Housing Development 

Community Solar 

Associated Press (March 27) – Demonstrators protest against proposed Hawaii solar farm

Star-Advertiser (March 26) – Opponents demonstrate against putting solar farm on Hawaiian Home Lands site

Star-Advertiser (March 17) – DHHL picks 2 community solar developers

KHON – On-Air – (March 15) – DHHL Picks Solar Energy Developers


Prince Kūhiō’s 150th Birthday

HNN – Web – (March 26) – Lei drapes Prince Kuhio’s statue in celebration of his 150th birthday

HNN – On-Air – (March 26) – Celebrating Prince Kuhio’s 150th Birthday

KITV – On-Air – (March 26) – Prince Kuhio Day Ceremony

KHON – On-Air – (March 26) – Prince Kuhio Honored on 150th Birthday

Big Island Video News (March 26) – Hawaiʻi Marks 150th Birthday of Prince Kūhiō

Maui Now (March 23) – Beneficiaries Recognize 150th Birthday of Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana‘ole

KHON – Web – (March 16) – Hookupu accepted in honor of Prince Kuhio’s 150th birthday

KHON – On-Air – (March 16) – DHHL Collecting Hookupu


DHHL Loan Deferral

The Maui News (March 16) – DHHL mortgage loan payment postponed again, until June 30

Maui Now (March 16) – Mortgage Loan Defferal Extended for DHHL Borrowers Through June 30

HNN – On-Air – (March 15) – DHHL Postpones Mortgage Loan Payments

KITV – On-Air – (March 15) – Mortgage Loan Deferral Extended Through June


FCC Grants DHHL Use of Neighbor Island Spectrum

KHON (March 3) – FCC grants DHHL additional broadband licenses for rural homestead communities

Maui Now (March 3) – FCC Grants Dept. of Hawaiian Home Lands Two More Broadband Licenses


Nanakuli Cemetery Work

HNN (Feb. 23) – DHHL using drones to survey a homestead cemetery in West Oahu

HNN – On-Air – (Feb. 23) – Drone Surveying Leeward Gravesites

KITV (Feb. 23) – DHHL to conduct drone surveying Nanakuli Homestead Cemetery 


HNN Sunrise ( Beneficiary Survey/Ewa Parcel) – February 26

HNN Sunrise at 5 a.m. 

HNN Sunrise at 5:30 a.m.

HNN Sunrise at 6 a.m.

HNN Sunrise at 6:30 a.m.

HNN Sunrise at 7 a.m.

HNN Sunrise at 7:30 a.m.

HNN Sunrise at 8 a.m.


Ewa Beach Government Surplus Property

Associated Press – Local and Various National Coverage – (April 2) – Hawaii state agency OKs land parcel for possible development

HPR – Web – (April 2) – Ewa Beach Land to Be Transferred to Dept. of Hawaiian Home Lands

KITV – Web – (April 1) – DHHL accepts 80-acre parcel in Ewa Beach

Star-Advertiser – (April 1) –Department of Hawaiian Home Lands gets Ewa Beach land for homesteads

HNN – Web – (March 31) – Using $10M in land credit, DHHL intends to accept transfer of 80 acres in Ewa Beach

HNN – On-Air – (March 31) – DHHL to Accept Land Parcel

KHON – On-Air – (Feb. 28) – DHHL Seeks Input on Ewa Beach Property

Hawaii News Now (Feb. 22) – Hawaiian Home Land beneficiaries asked to weigh in on potential transfer of land


Resolution to Honor Former Hawaii County Mayor

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Feb. 16) – Kenoi honored by Hawaiian Homes Commission resolution

KHON (Feb. 16) – Hawaiian Homes Commission adopts resolution honoring late Hawai’i County Mayor Billy Kenoi

Maui Now (Feb. 16) – Hawaiian Homes Commission Adopts Resolution Honoring the Late Billy Kenoi


DHHL Rental Relief Program

The Maui News (Feb. 16) – Program offers aid for those on DHHL waiting list

HNN – On-Air – (Feb. 10) – DHHL Rental Assistance

KHON – On-Air- (Feb. 8) – DHHL Rent Relief Program

KITV – On-Air- (Feb. 8) – DHHL Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Pacific Business News (Feb. 8) – Department of Hawaiian Homelands rental relief program receives $2.4M lift

Maui Now (Feb. 6) – DHHL Rental Relief Program Receives $2.4M Boost

KITV (Feb. 5) – DHHL Rental Relief Program receives $2.4M boost


Waimanalo Game Room

Maui Now (Feb. 6) – Waimanalo Homestead Searched, DHHL Investigating Game Room Allegations

KHON (Feb. 5) – HPD, DHHL investigate suspected Waimanalo homestead game room

HNN – On-Air- (Feb. 5) – Police Bust Suspected Game Room

KITV – Web – (Feb. 5) – HPD, DHHL bust illegal game room in Waimanalo

KITV – On-Air- (Feb. 5) – HPD Raid Illegal Game Room


Kalawahine Unpermitted Campers/Fence

HNN – On-Air – (Feb. 4) – Papakolea Homeless Sweep

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 4) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands removes unauthorized campers near Punchbowl

KHON (Feb. 4) – DHHL removes campers, installs fence in Kalawahine on Oahu


Federal Funding – Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021

Pacific Business News (Jan. 27) – Department of Hawaiian Homelands to receive $35M in federal funds

Maui Now (Jan. 27) – Nearly $35 Million in Federal Funds Allocated to DHHL 


Native Hawaii Development Program Plan Grants

The Molokai Dispatch (Feb. 4) – Homestead Group Gets Grant to Continue COVID Relief

The Maui News (Feb. 2) – Nonprofits get grants for COVID relief, homestead projects

Pacific Business News (Jan. 26) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands awards $1M in grants to 8 Isle organizations


2020 Beneficiary Survey Results

Maui Now (Jan. 22) – Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Beneficiary Survey Finds Applicants Increased 9% Since 2014


Proposal to Authorize Limited Casino Gaming – Single Integrated Resort

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 19) – Gambling proposal dies in Legislature; question remains on Hawaiian Home Lands funding of homes for more than 28,000 beneficiaries 

Hawaii Tribune-Herald/ West Hawaii Today (Feb. 19) – DHHL gaming bill killed in state Senate committee

HNN – Web – (Feb. 18) – DHHL’s dreams of bringing a casino to Hawaii dashed for now

HNN – On-Air – DHHL Casino Bill Deferred Indefinitely 

KITV -On-Air – (Feb. 18) – Lawmakers Kill Plan to Build Casino

KHON – On-Air – (Feb. 18) – DHHL Casino Bill Deferred in Senate

Pacific  Business News (Feb. 18) – Senate committee defers Hawaiian Homes gambling bill before key deadline

Civil Beat (Feb. 18) – Senate Panel Kills Final DHHL Casino Proposal

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 18) – Hawaiian Home Lands gambling proposal dies in Legislature

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 17) – Home Lands gambling bill debate pushed to Thursday

Hawaii Tribune-Herald/West Hawaii Today (Feb. 12) – Oahu casino proposal amended

KHON – On -Air – (Feb. 11) – Proposal to Bring Bingo and Lottery to Hawaii

KITV – On-Air – (Feb. 11) – Casino Plan Still Alive

HNN – On-Air – (Feb. 11) – Lawmakers Try to Slow Down Casino Debate

HNN – Web – (Feb. 11) – DHHL is thinking outside of the box for new revenue sources, but not everyone is on board

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 11) – Amendments give Hawaiian Home Lands 5 Years to determine casino future

West Hawaii Today/Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Feb. 6) – Casino bill likely dead following deferral by House committee chair

KITV – On-Air – (Feb. 5) – House Lawmakers Defer Proposed Casino Bill

HNN – Web – (Feb. 5) – After passionate testimony on both sides, DHHL casino proposal deferred in committee

HNN – On-Air – (Feb. 5) – Emotional Testimony on Casino Bill

KHON – Web – (Feb. 5) – Committee defers DHHL’s proposal to build casino in Kapolei

KHON – On-Air – (Feb. 5) – Casino in Kapolei? House Committee Defers Measure

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 5) – Hawaiian Home Lands’ proposal to build casino in Kapolei stalls in state House

Maui Now (Feb. 2) – Rep. Eli Urges Halt to Casino Proposal

Star-Advertiser (Feb. 2) – Hawaii casino could increase sex trafficking, report warns

The Garden Island (Feb. 2) – Concerns rising on proposed casino resort

HNN – On-Air – (Feb. 1 ) – Study: Casino Will Lead to Sex Trafficking

HNN – Web – (Feb. 1) – DHHL casino opponents: Project would be detrimental to women

KITV – On-Air – (Feb. 1) – Casinos & Violence Against Women

KITV – Web – (Feb. 1) – New report shows casinos can increase the risk of violence against women

KHON – On-Air – (Feb. 1) – Women Oppose Casino on Hawaiian Home Lands

KHON – Web – (Feb. 1) – Concerns continue on proposed Kapolei resort casino

Maui Now (Feb. 1) – Lawmaker to Discuss DHHL’s Proposed Resort-Casino

KHON – On-Air – (Jan. 29) – DHHL Deputy Gomes Take2

KHON -On-Air – (Jan. 29) – Public comments accepted on proposed Kapolei casino

Star-Advertiser (Jan. 27) – Hawaii gambling bills under serious review

Big Island Now (Jan. 22) – Comment Period Opens on Hawai`i Gaming Proposal

Hawaii Tribune-Herald (Jan. 22) – DHHL seeks beneficiary feedback on casino proposal

KHON – Web (Jan. 21) – Public comment period opens for proposed Kapolei casino

KHON – On-Air (Jan. 21) – DHHL Casino Proposal Comment Period Open

HNN – On-Air (Jan. 21) – Casino in West Oahu? Public Comment Period Opens

KITV – Web (Jan. 21) – Thoughts on potential casino built in Kapolei? DHHL asking for public commentary

Pacific Business News (Jan. 21) – Public comment period opened for Kapolei casino, gambling proposal

Lahaina News (Jan. 13) – DHHL polling beneficiaries about Kapolei casino proposal

Hawaii News Now (Jan. 11) – DHHL chair says Kapolei casino would be built on land not zoned for homes 

Tribune-Herald (Jan. 5) – DHHL: Oahu casino would add $30M to coffers 



Civil Beat (Jan. 4) – Jarette Keohokalole/Daniel Holt: Ige Dismissal of Casino Abandons Promise To Hawaiian Beneficiaries


Ka Wai Ola Column (`O Ka Nuhou `Aina Ho`opulapula)

April – ‘Ewa Beach Parcel Selected for HHLRA Transfer

March – Input Needed on General Plan Update

February – Funding For Infrastructure is Necessary

January – DHHL Expands Hawai`i Island Options



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