Media Releases

During yesterday's Tropical Storm Flossie scare, the County got word that the mouth of Anahola Stream was clogged at its outlet to the sea, so the Mayor and Co. dispatched a backhoe and work crew to clear the blockage to prevent possible flooding.

With a vote of 7-0, the Hawaiian Homes Commission voted to amend its long-standing revocable permit program. 

On Fri., Jul. 19, seven East Hawaiʻi homestead community associations came together to review and sign a memorandum of agreement between the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and their respective organizations for the disbursement of community benefit funds received annually from Waiākea Center.

he Department of Hawaiian Home Lands invites beneficiaries to participate in planning the future of Hawaiian Home Lands on O‘ahu.

The Hawaiian Homes Commission rejected a proposal today by Green Energy Team, LLC, to lease 2,134 acres of Hawaiian home lands in Anahola for its proposed Anahola Renewable Energy Project.