IFB-21-HHL-013, Hoʻolehua Water System Improvements- Package 4


Department of Hawaiian Home Lands – Land Development Division

IFB NO.:  IFB-21-HHL-013

SEALED BIDS for IFB No.:  IFB-21-HHL-013, Hoʻolehua Water System Improvements- Package 4 (Furnishing and Delivery of Vehicles, Equipment and Supplies) to the DHHL Molokai Maintenance Baseyard on Pu’upe’elua Avenue, Hoolehua, Molokai, Hawaii, will be submitted to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL), by 2:00 p.m., Hawaii Standard Time (H.S.T.)                                , 2021 through the State of Hawaii e-Procurement System (HIePRO).  Bidders shall upload an electronic copy of the completed bid offer form to the HIePRO website when submitting a bid.  Failure to submit the Bid Offer Form may be grounds for rejection of the Bid Offer.

This project consists of furnishing vehicles, equipment, supplies and accessories related to the operation and maintenance of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands’ Hoolehua Water System on the Island of Molokai.  Bidders may submit bid offers for one (1) or more items in this solicitation and are not required to bid on all of them.  Bidders shall include the costs to deliver the bid item(s) to the DHHL Molokai Maintenance Baseyard in their bid pricing.  All product information, registration and/or warranty forms related to the bid item(s) shall be included and received by the delivery date.

Awards will be made in accordance with the lowest qualified bid for each item, provided the item(s) meets the stated specifications.  

To be eligible to submit a bid, the Bidder and/or its suppliers shall possess all required valid State of Hawaii licenses, specialty licenses and certifications (if any) needed to perform the sales and services for this project.  A surety bid bond is not required for this IFB.

Bidders must be registered on HIePRO to submit a bid for this project and may examine and obtain the bid documents at:  https://hiepro.ehawaii.gov

Bids that do not comply with the IFB’s requirements may be subject to disqualification.  DHHL reserves the right to amend the IFB by written addenda published on HIePRO to reject any and all bids or waive any defects in said bids in which DHHL deems is in the best interest of the State.

Questions regarding this project may be entered on the ‘Questions Tab’ on HIePRO.  Questions are due on HIePRO by ­­­2:30 p.m., H.S.T., on                                , 2021.  Responses to questions will be published on HIePRO by 5:00 p.m. H.S.T., on                                            , 2021.

Dated at Kapolei, Hawaii, this _ day of     , 2021.



William J. Aila, Jr., Chairman

Hawaiian Homes Commission