Hawaiian Homes Commission Chair William J. Ailā, Jr. has issued a letter to Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) vendors following beneficiary concerns over perceived spraying activities involving herbicides containing glyphosate, such as Roundup, on Hawaiian Home Lands.

A Beneficiary Survey will soon find its way to the mailboxes of Department of Hawaiian Home Lands beneficiaries. The data generated will be used to develop homestead programs and services, and enable DHHL to secure funding for native Hawaiians.

Through its contractor, Close Construction, INC., the Department will subdivide an acre of land into eight, approximately 6,000 square foot residential lots. These lots will be offered as residential vacant lots to beneficiaries on the Oʻahu Island Applicant Waiting list upon completion of the project.

The General Plan, which is updated every 20 years, establishes statewide policies that guide land management and DHHL programs and includes the involvement of an investigative committee formed with Commissioners of the Hawaiian Homes Commission.

In line with the County of Hawaiʻi and Department of Land and Natural Resources closures in Hawaiʻi County, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands is reminding beneficiaries that permits and reservations for camping at parks, pavilions, and halls on DHHL land remain on hold as the state faces the continued rise of COVID-19 cases.