Media Releases

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands has issued a Limited Right of Entry permit to an area in Nānākuli, Oʻahu for the International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Energy to conduct ground and drone survey work from April 12 through April 16, 2021.

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands has advised the U. S. General Services Administration that it will accept the transfer of approximately 80 acres from the federal government as provided by the Hawaiian Home Lands Recovery Act of 1995, Public Law 104-42.

Every year, Prince Kūhiō Day is recognized by the State of Hawaii on his birthday and honors the life of the longtime delegate to the U.S. Congress and his many accomplishments in service of his people and the Hawaiian Islands.

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands has selected two renewable energy developers to advance in the process to lease DHHL Industrial parcels for proposed solar and storage projects on Oʻahu and Hawaiʻi Island.

HHC accepted the Beneficiary Consultation Report as the official public record of beneficiary input and feedback relative to the legislative proposal.

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