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Hawaiian Homes Commission
Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
Hale Kalaniana’ole
91-5420 Kapolei Parkway
Kapolei, Hawaii  96707
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P.O. Box 1879
Honolulu, Hawaii  96805

Answers questions of a general nature. Produces publications, exhibits, and displays. The Information and Community Relations Office will help you locate the assistance you need.
808-620-9590 | Fax 808-620-9599 | [email protected]


Office of the Chair
William J. Aila, Jr, Interim Chair
808-620-9501 | Fax 808-620-9529

Vacant, Deputy to the Chair
808-620-9502 | Fax 808-620-9529

The Hawaiian Home Lands Leadership Team has a very busy schedule serving our beneficiaries. If you would like to request a meeting with the leadership team, please provide the following information when placing your call to the above phone number:

Individual/organization, title, address, phone, email, subject matter, length of time needed, main purpose/objective and attendees. Our scheduling staff will follow up with you as soon as possible. Please note that incomplete information may delay the processing of your request.

Land Development Division
808-620-9270 | Fax 808-620-9299

  • Design and Construction Branch provides architectural and engineering design, surveying, construction supervision and other work essential for the development of subdivisions and on-site and off-site improvements and facilities.
  • Housing Project Branch provides turn-key homes and assists lessees of vacant lots in arranging financing and in contracting with a builder, including self-help and Habitat programs.
  • Master-Planned Community Branch prepares plans for entire communities, with homes, businesses, services, open space, recreational and cultural amenities. Prepares request for proposals and conducts negotiations in developer agreements for complete infrastructure and home construction projects.

 Land Management Division
808-620-9450 | Fax 808-620-9479

Manages the department’s non-homestead land, income properties, and a comprehensive land inventory.

  • Technical Services Branch provides technical services emphasizing the preparation of appraisals and the documentation of license and easement agreements. The branch is computerizing the land inventory.
  • Land Management Branch manages the department’s lands not under homestead lease. Includes maintaining the lands and working with general lessees and licensees.
  • Income Properties Branch develops DHHL’s non-homestead land for income purposes.

Planning Office
808-620-9480 | Fax 808-620-9559

Prepares studies required for future land development including archaeological, historic and environment concerns. Grants, scholarships, and legislative matters are also included in the Planning Office.

 Fiscal Office
808-620-9560 | Fax 808-620-9559

Provides accounting, fiscal services, and internal control systems for the department including collecting lease and loan payments and other receivables.

Administrative Services Office
808-620-9530 | Fax 808-620-9559

Provides personnel, program planning and budgeting, information and communication systems, internal management assistance and other support services for the department.

Homestead Services Division

Assists homestead lessees and applicants for homestead leases. The Division also offers loan services to qualified homestead lessees.

  • Homestead Applications Branch (808-620-9220) helps beneficiaries apply for homestead leases. Provides application and Kumu Ohana (genealogy) verification forms and maintains the waiting lists for homestead awards.
  • Loan Services Branch (808-620-9240) helps beneficiaries finance home construction. Offers loans for home repairs, farming and ranching and arranges repayment schedules. Seeks assistance from the private and public sectors for loan financing.
  • District Operations Branch helps lessees and homestead applicants with a wide range of services. Six district offices also maintain homestead areas and facilities.

East Hawaii District Office
808-974-4250 | Fax 808-974-4255
160 Baker Avenue
Hilo, Hawaii  96720

West Hawaii District Office
808-887-6053 | Fax 808-887-6056
PO Box 125
Kamuela, Hawaii  96743
64-756 Māmalahoa Highway, Kamuela, HI, 96743

Maui District Office
808-760-5120 | Fax 808-760-5122
655 Kaumuali’i Street, Suite 1
Wailuku, Hawaii  96793

Molokai District Office
808-560-6104 | Fax 808-560-6665
PO Box 2009
Kaunakakai, Hawaii  96748

Oahu District Office
808-620-9250 | Fax 808-620-620-9269
PO Box 1879
Honolulu, Hawaii  96805

Kauai District Office
808-274-3131 | Fax 808-274-3133
3060 Eiwa Street, Room 203
Lihue, Hawaii  96766