News Releases

Every year, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands prepares and submits legislative proposals for inclusion in the Governor’s Administrative Package for the next session of the Hawaii State Legislature. For the 2020 package, the department is soliciting recommendations from beneficiaries and the general public for consideration in our legislative package.

On Tuesday, July 9, the Hawaiian Homes Commission approved the issuance of a Right-of-Entry permit and gave conditional approval for a General Lease to be issued to Innergex Renewables USA, LLC for up to 147 acres across two parcels in Kalaeloa, Oʻahu.

Vehicle access to Kapuāiwa is restricted with fencing and “No Trespassing” signs are up in the area, but the public’s safety and concern for the `aina remain an issue. Falling fronds, coconuts, and trees, along with ground instability, are concerns within the grove.

New lessees will have the opportunity to build a home that fits the needs of their family, a prominent distinction of DHHL’s offering of vacant lots.

Members of the “Kanaka Rangers” and the "Beneficiary Trust Council" who constructed the dwelling were given multiple verbal and written notices to the vacate the property over the past year.