Media Releases

The Hawaiian Homes Commission, the nine-person executive board that governs the Department of Hawaiian Homes Lands, has approved and announced its 2022 meeting calendar.

The Hawaiian Homes Commission has approved a $312 million Sufficient Sums supplemental budget request drafted by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. The Department’s approved request will move forward to the Governor for consideration in the administration’s executive budget request to the 2022 legislature.

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands has prepared legislative proposals to be recommended for inclusion in the Governor’s next legislative package following a solicitation for public input.

The program will assist homesteaders struggling to pay their mortgage, utilities, property taxes, insurance, or association fees as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands held a groundbreaking to mark the beginning of a $2.49 million capital improvement project that will subdivide an existing 10-acre agricultural lot in Panaʻewa, Hawaiʻi Island into 16 half-acre Subsistence Agricultural lots.

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