For The Record: Star-Advertiser

Posted on Dec 17, 2014 in Community News, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Land Management Division, Public Information

Request from Honolulu Star-Advertiser reporter Rob Perez to Deputy Darrell Young on Dec. 16, 2014:

Can u send me a very brief quote from you or Jobie highlighting the benefit of the new RP program? I’d like to include in the story. Only needs to be a couple of sentences. Mahalo.

Aloha Rob. Please use this quote from Jobie:

“This new proposed program is a step in the right direction towards improving our short term land disposition program. We look forward to the input and dialog we will gain from meeting with our beneficiaries in the coming months.”

New DHHL permit process approved, Star-Advertiser, Dec. 17, 2014