I just left a voicemail message on your cell phone. My editors are looking for stories to use over the holiday weekend, and I thought I could do a quick update today on the planned revisions to the revocable permit program. I would focus on the recommendations made by the governor’s task force.

Could you send me something today indicating which of the recommendations the agency already has adopted or is pursuing?

The department has already undertaken a transitional process that includes the following recommendations from the Governor’s Ad Hoc Advisory Group:

  • Ceasing Issuance of New RPs
  • Review Existing RPs for Violations
  • Transition Existing RPs to Rights of Entry

I’d also like to note in the story when the agency anticipates the proposed administrative rules will be available for the public to review, plus include a general statement on the overall changes planned to the RP program and how that will enhance the agency’s mission of serving beneficiaries.

To clarify – the department is reviewing and revising its RP program, and is not currently engaging in the formal administrative rulemaking process under chapter 91, HRS. We anticipate the proposed recommendations to be presented to the Hawaiian Homes Commission for action at its September Commission meeting. Pending the commission’s initial approval of the revamped program, the proposal will be taken out for informational meetings statewide to get input and comments from beneficiaries and the public. The program proposal may be revised based on the comments and suggestions received. A final recommendation will be presented to the Hawaiian Homes Commission for approval and implementation.

Revisions to the RP program are intended to maximize the revenue generating potential of non-homesteading lands as a means of financing our mission of placing more native Hawaiian beneficiaries on the land.