Beneficiary Consultation: Admin Rules for General Leases

Posted on Aug 7, 2013 in Beneficiary Consultation, Community News, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Land Management Division, Public Information, Public Notice, Slider

Beneficiary Consultation postcard

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands is conducting a series of beneficiary consultation meetings statewide on proposed amendments to its Administrative Rules. This consultation is limited to proposed rules that will implement Section 228 of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act which authorizes DHHL to extend the term of a general lease (non-homestead use) to a maximum of 85 years for commercial or multipurpose projects. Currently, 1.3% of Hawaiian home lands are under a general lease, and these lands generate about $10.17 million each year for DHHL.

These meetings are intended to inform DHHL applicants and lessees of these proposed rule changes and to receive input from beneficiaries. In addition, beneficiaries have 30 days after these meetings to provide further comments and feedback. The feedback to DHHL will be compiled and reported to the Hawaiian Homes Commission at a future date in preparation for the formal rulemaking process, which is expected to begin later this year. At this time, beneficiaries along with the general public will have an opportunity to comment during the upcoming public hearings.