Hawaiian Homes Commission Update

Here are several brief descriptions of Hawaiian Homes Commission decisions and discussions from monthly meetings dating from March through June 2012:

  • Water Rights for Hawaiian Home Lands
    APPROVED IN MARCH 2012:  Allows the Commission to hire counsel to defend, protect, and maximize the interests of the Trust and its beneficiaries as it asserts its right to fresh water. Stay tuned as the Department develops a statewide Water Policy Plan to address water rights on homestead land.
  • Transparency on Non-Homesteading Use of Trust Lands
    APPROVED IN APRIL 2012:  Requires Hawaiian Homes to report on the amount of Trust lands being leased for non-homesteading purposes, to whom it is being leased, and why. Also mandates homestead benefit agreements on such leases, and a 30-day public comment period prior to any such land transaction.
  • Native Hawaiian Housing Plan (NHHP)
    APPROVED IN JUNE 2012:  A road map of housing activities to serve low-income beneficiaries under the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA). Activities include land acquisition, diversified homesteading (e.g. rental, self-help), home repair programs, and more.
  • Administrative Rules Update
    IN DISCUSSION:  The Commission continues to fine tune the review process as it re-examines the rules that guide the Department. Beneficiary feedback is crucial to this process, so please keep an eye out for any such opportunity.

For a detailed record of discussions and decision-making, visit the Hawaiian Homes Commission meetings page and click on the “Minutes” link for the particular month on which the decision was made. NOTE: Minutes for the June 2012 will be up for Commission approval at the July 2012 meeting.