Kailapa Celebrates First Annual Christmas Potluck

Families braved gale force winds to gather at resident Isabel Kala’au’s expansive lanai and celebrate the Christmas season on Saturday, December 17. Quite a crowd attended. Kala’au is the current Treasurer of the Kailapa Community Association. The party was hosted by Association President Diane Kaneali’i.

Windscreens hung with care around the perimeter of the backyard area protected attendees from the annual visit of Ka Makani o Kohala while allowing keiki and kupuna alike to savor a special visit with Santa as well as each other.

Eerily, the winds calmed during St. Nick’s fly by and the keiki revelled in the early gifts he distributed. Kealaka’i Knoche was the perfect barefoot Hawaiian Santa who shared his holiday cheer to one and all.

Neighbors easily shared some precious time catching up on each other’s holiday plans and simply relaxing over some ono food and beverages. Shanette Kalaniopio lead the christmas carols sung all in Hawaiian with the harmonious howling wind chiming in.

Kailapa is a rapidly growing community with a diverse cross section of residents, from young families to retirees. The gathering, a sizeable turnout for a first effort, reflected this variety as young and old drew numbers for a gift exchange that ended the proceedings and sent everyone home happy, well fed and contented.