Kaua‘i Wildfire Protection Plan Community Meetings

Posted on Mar 19, 2015 in Community News, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Public Information, Public Notice, Slider

Your Concerns Matter When it Comes to Wildfire

Kaua‘i Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Community Meetings

What is a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)?

CWPPs are planning tools that use community input to help make communities and natural areas fire-safe.

Why should I care about wildfires?

Wildfires have a great impact on Kauaʻi residents and all Kauaʻi natural resources, affecting daily life, human health and safety, and ecosystem health.

What should I bring to the meeting?

Just your valuable input on wildfire hazards in your area and ideas for projects to reduce those hazards.

We’ll cover the snacks and refreshments!

March 23 (6-7p):
Kīlauea Elementary School
2440 Kolo Rd.

March 24 (6-7p):
Waimea Canyon Middle School
9555 Huakaʻi Rd.

March 25 (6-7p):
Wilcox Elementary School
4319 Hardy St.

Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to protecting communities and natural resources from wildfire.

phone: (808) 885-0900
web: hawaiiwildfire.org
e-mail: [email protected]

These community meetings and the CWPP are made possible through a grant from the Cooperative Fire Program of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Pacific Southwest Region. HWMO is an equal opportunity employer.